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Funding questions about treatment at out of area hospitals

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humpbackwhale · 16/10/2017 15:12

DH and I have been referred for IVF and put on the list for a donor egg. We were referred to the women’s hospital which is alongside the main hospital where I had treatment for cancer a few years ago (hence the infertility).

We live on the border of two counties and my cancer treatment was at the hospital in the next county because it was a centre for excellence. I had some treatment at the local hospital, including some interaction with the fertility clinic when they were contemplating egg retrieval but the whole experience with them was traumatic and we felt unsupported and would prefer to steer clear of this clinic because of the bad associations.

We are already on the donor list and DH has an appointment next week to have a semen analysis at the women’s hospital.

Today I received a letter from the consultant at the women’s hospital saying that we live outside the women’s hospital area and the fertility contract for our area is with a different hospital, unfortunately the one with which we have bad associations.

The letter doesn’t say that we can’t continue with our treatment plan at the women’s hospital but advises me to check with my GP or CCG re funding.

Does this mean that we would have to have our treatment at the other hospital if we wanted to take advantage of any funding? Would we have to go the the bottom of the list in that area?

I’m so confused. Any help appreciated!

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