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Cornish2017 · 11/08/2017 18:36

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post. Sorry in advance if tmi.

So today marks me being 11 days late. I haven't been late in a very long time. My cycle is usually 27 days. I've taken several cheapy ebay and two digital blue over the last week but all negative. I've got some strange symptoms.
I hate always hated coffee, the smell and taste. Then this week I've started really wanting it and have had quite a few cups the last few days. I've got creamy lotion like cervical mucus. My boobs were tender initially but not too bad now. On the day after my period was due I had strange spotting like literally watery pink only a few dots when I wiped, nothing enough to even need a pad.
This would be my first and I've been under the local infertility people who had been carrying out tests as two months worth of weekly blood tests showed I wasn't ovulating. So I'm really unsure. I would love to be pregnant as my husband and I really want a child. Being an aunt and uncle really doesn't cover it. :)

Strange thing I had loads of cheapy ebay hpt tests and opk and though why not test both for the hell of it. My hpt was a bfn but the opk was a faint positive. In all my two years of trying I've never had a positive or even any mark on the stick bar control line. Now I've read that opk can detect a pregnancy when late? I'm sick of all the hope when poas to see another negative. Should I just wait another week and test again or go Dr's for a blood test. Really want it to be a positive.

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Persipan · 11/08/2017 18:49

Given that you're already late, why not go to the doctor's and find out for sure?

OPKs will detect HCG as well as LH, but obviously you can't really tell which it's picking up, and I'd expect a pregnancy test to show a positive before an OPK did. And, same as with an OPK as an OPK, it's not positive if there's a faint second line, it has to be as dark as the control. It's not unusual to have a bit of LH kicking around your system even late in your cycle.

I think go to the doctor, because you'll be thinking about it constantly until you know, so be kind to yourself and get a blood test. In the meantime, you might want to try a non-cheapie pregnancy test (FRERs give really clear results).

Good luck!

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