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Does low progesterone mean I have pcos

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Sarah1087 · 24/06/2017 23:01

No ovulation this month due to low progesterone. Blood work confirmed

My testosterone and prolactin, fsh and lh bloods came back fine last December.

I'm now on cd40 usually regular 31-33 but had 3 bfn

Been to a walk in centre tonight they've given me codeine as I have had cramps for 4 days, lower back pain, peeling a lot.

Waiting for transvaginal scan.

I feel exhausted, foggy headed, emotional. I tend to have mood swings,

In 2011 I was treated for adult acne.
Been trying to convince for 1 year.

The dr tonight said pcos sufferers tend to be overweight and hairy which I found was a little rude and unhelpful.

I'm seriously stressing myself out about this and v worried about my health with just how I feel in myself.
Everything I googling says pcos.

Although when the doctor told me I hadn't ovulated, I'm just presuming it's low progesterone as that was what they was testing.

Someone please put my mind at ease.

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Persipan · 25/06/2017 00:13

Low progesterone is something that would be a diagnostic sign of you not having ovulated, rather than a cause, if that makes sense. Progesterone levels typically go up after you ovulate - the corpus luteum churns it out to support any pregnancy that might occur - so if your progesterone level is low it suggests you haven't ovulated in that cycle. It's not terribly unusual for women to have the occasional anovulatory cycle (I managed to have one in the month I had a day 21 progesterone test done, so my clinic thought I just generally didn't ovulate - but actually, I generally do and just didn't that one time!) but it's definitely worth getting checked out to see whether you have pcos or any other issues, especially since you're feeling so grotty.

It sounds as though you have upcoming appointments, so hopefully you'll get some answers - in the meantime, look after yourself and try not to stress. Good luck!

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