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Infertility time scale, grateful for help x

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pinkandpinot · 23/06/2017 07:20

Hi guys,

Sorry I'm sure this has been asked before but I have searched and searched and can't find a definite answer (probably because there isn't one!)
DH and I have been TTC for a year now and going to see the GP early August. Just wondered if anyone would mind giving me a vague layout of what happens from the first appointment onwards? What are the next steps and what kind of time scale? For various reasons I think it's likely we will end up on the IVF route eventually. How long vaguely do they try other things before you can start the IVF journey?
I realise there are big geographic differences but would appreciate any advice or info anyone can give me thank you. We live in Rochdale North Manchester by the way so think the hospital would be St Mary's.
Thank you so much xxx

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star1980 · 23/06/2017 15:04

Hi pink,
You're right there's no definitive answer as so much depends on your GP, how quickly you're referred, any waiting times at your hospital, your diagnosis if you have one and the ivf rules at your ccg. If you are 35 or over you might get referred a bit quicker and maybe get to ivf a bit quicker but everything else is just the same. I was referred at age 35 and it took just under a year from referral to first ivf and we tried a few things first. I was in south London.

To give you an idea, here's what happened with me... went to GP after 9 months trying who ordered basic fertility tests day 3 and day 21 blood tests and AMH to check ovarian reserve (I since realise this one isn't standard). My oh had sperm analysis at his gp at the same time. Took 2 cycles to get the tests on the right days and all was fine. GP referred me at 11 months. Referral came through quickly, say within a month but we had to get all the tests redone and an internal scan before we saw the consultant. I had to have two scans a month apart as they found fibroids. First consultant appt was immediately afterwards at now 14months. Consultant diagnosed us immediately with low sperm motility and recommended we take proxeed for 4-6months and then do ICSI. We did 4 months on the supplements, no success and she then suggested we try 3 cycles of ovulation induction before the icsi, which we did. No success. We were finally ready to book in for ivf at 22 months. At each stage, I could have pushed for ivf sooner (we were nhs funded) but to be honest it took us that long to come round to the idea and feel ready.
Hope this helps, but remember this may not be the same for you. My friend in the same area had no diagnosis and therefore no access to NHS ivf until 3 years ttc.

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mrs83 · 23/06/2017 17:14

For us it has been:
August- went to doctors who ordered blood and sperm analysis.
Me- 1 week to get blood tests back then a few days for results. I was told I needed a telephone appt which would be a 2 week wait. Then told I needed to redo the blood tests as I had high prolactin levels. Another week or two to redo then was told to make a doctors appt- another 2 week wait. They referred me to hospital to investigate prolactin. I could choose a 4 month wait for my local hospital or a 1 month wait elsewhere- I chose elsewhere.
Husband- they managed to lose his first sample (took 2 weeks before telling him!)then mislabel his 2nd so he waited about 8 weeks for 3rd sample for his sperm analysis which came back normal. He ranted at them for being slow and they sent us a referral at last.
Sept- saw doctor for prolactin investigations and he ordered an MRI scan to check my pituatary gland.
October- referred to local hospital fertility dept.

December- had MRI scan.

January- first hospital appt for fertility. Had a few questions then a smear type test.

Feb- went back for MRI results. All clear.

Feb- had a hycosy test to check tubes. The dye only went through one.

April- saw consultant. This was a long wait as gp arranged this via referral in october. He thought the tube wasn't blocked but had gone into spasm.He referred us for IVF and said he would do it that day.

Early May- after a month's wait I chased up the ivf referral- they had forgotten!
1 week later-we got funding forms frkm the ivf clinic to fill in.
1 week later- accepted for IVF and given a date for AMH test and another sperm analysis for later May (about 2 weeks to wait)

It all moved fast once the IVF clinic was involved however I got pregnant in May then had an early m/c so now our first appt will be July.
Hopefully the delays we had were not normal but we were looking at about 11 months from GP visit to starting IVF properly. Probably 2/3 months could have been shaved off without the delays.

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