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OvuSense V OPK Strips with PCOS

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Rockhopper81 · 01/06/2017 11:00

Probably a bit random - and I'm fairly certain I know the answer - but just looking for some personal experience on this really to confirm.

I have PCOS and started using the OvuSense about a week ago, following an abnormally long period (16 days long -aargh!).

This morning, after synching the data, the app tells me I'm in my ovulation window and ovulation is today. This is after just 6 readings.

So, I did a OPK and it was negative. Which is to form as I've never had a positive OPK. Ever.

To be fair, this would all be a moot point if I had a partner, as obviously we would just be testing out the results naturally. Wink

However, I'm using a donor and obviously don't want to alert him for no reason, if that makes sense.

So I guess I'm just confirming that the OvuSense is estimating and I shouldn't rely on it at the moment? But I know OPKs aren't always reliable either...any confirmation that it's just an estimate at the moment?

Thanks in advance. Smile

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AFP2811 · 23/09/2017 13:03

I used OvuSense as I have PCOS and it was the only thing that was accurate for me (I never had a positive OPK ether - they are notorious for false readings with PCOS). I have learned from the customer support that OvuSense is very cautious when providing predictions and confirming with 99% accuracy so I would definitely trust it over an OPK! My OvuSense baby is 2 in November! X

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