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Starting IVF January - any advice on clinics and how to prepare?

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Serena1987 · 02/09/2016 14:51

Hi all

I have literally just joined Mumsnet and not ever posted on a forum, although I have read a number when typing into google every symptom in the TWW and hoping someone else's story might mean I'm pregnant, believing this rather than the stark one line on the test in front of me!

I am looking for advice really. We have been trying since December 2014 when we got married, naively thinking we would return from honeymoon with a baby on board - not so. It got to the point that we went for a 'Fertility MOT' in which it showed I had a slightly think endometrium but nothing to worry about, however DH's results were not so good. I don't have them to hand but everything was low or non existent. He does have a count of 6million so not completely nothing on that front. We received the results in May and to be honest, we put our heads in the sand until July really not realising we wouldn't be able to cope with the results too well.

Since then, we both gave up smoking 7 weeks ago (something I hope might improve the results) and have decided to go for IVF with ICSI in January. Before this we are going to get a further test for DH 3 months from giving up smoking in Oct/Nov.

If anyone could provide any advice on what to do at this stage, that would be great. Mainly:

  • I have read that 3 months before starting IVF you will need to prepare - is this just giving up drinking or are there supplements, vitamins etc?
  • Does anyone have any experience of a good IVF clinic? I heard about ARGC but then read the reviews which completely put me off! We're in the Bristol area.

Thank you in advance (I hope someone replies!)
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drinkyourmilk · 03/09/2016 07:09

We used woking nuffield. It's around a 2 two hour journey for us- but was so worth it. Their numbers are great.
Wrt to prep. We took ttc vitamins. We never smoked, and I cut down on alcohol but didn't give up - had maybe 2 large glasses of wine a week. Our consultant said the most important thing is to reduce stress. He said ivf diets etc just pray on vulnerable people. I understand that many others will argue otherwise - and if it works for them that's fantastic, but we decided not to do anything special.

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