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PCOS, previous pregnancy and metformin.

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enterafox · 21/05/2016 19:35


I was wondering if anybody might be able to offer some insight.

Long story short, I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2012, was put on Metformin. I fell pregnant, I am on my first "full cycle" post-pregnancy. I have been taking metformin since the pregnancy. I have done two blood tests since the pregnancy and they have come back clear of any PCOS symptoms (LH&FSH are ok). Last month I got a positive OPK (but no temperature shift), this cycle (now on cd11) I have not had a positive opk, though a possible temp shift (will continue temping).

I am wondering if metformin, when there seems to be no sign of PCOS now, can hinder ovulation? Has anybody had any experience of this?

I will be asking a doctor next time I see one. I don't want to hinder my chances.

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bananafish81 · 21/05/2016 22:41

No metformin can't hinder ovulation

BTW LH and FSH ratio isn't a diagnostic criteria for PCOS - although it's often observed it isn't necessary for a PCOS diagnosis

To be diagnosed with PCOS you need at least 2 out of 3 of the Rotterdam criteria:

  1. irregular or absent periods

  2. clinical and / or biochemical signs of hyperandrogenism (outward signs of an androgen imbalance such as acne or hirsuitism and / or elevated testosterone or low SHBG blood levels)

  3. polycystic ovaries on ultrasound

    Neither elevated LH or insulin resistance are necessary for a PCOS diagnosis
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