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Sick and tired of all the waiting

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MrsH14 · 06/04/2016 20:12

My dh was diagnosed with Azoospermia in September last year. We saw a gynea in November who then referred us to the urologist who we saw in February. The urologist asked my dh to do a second semen analysis so he could be diagnosed correctly.
We went for our follow up appointment today which we had to travel to London for (we live in essex) to be told they didn't have the results from the semen analysis so he couldn't book us in for M-tese (sperm retrieval). I was absolutely gutted. It just feels like a wasted trip, wasted money and wasted holiday from work.
I'm just pissed off with all the waiting and pissing about when we won't even get IVF on the Nhs.

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