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who has had bfp with frozen embroys

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Blondeshavemorefun · 19/01/2016 23:31

Df and I have had 3 lots of private ivf in the past 2yrs, getting up to £20k ouch, but would gladly pay any amount if had worked but as we all know there is now guarantee :(

sadly all 3 failed, tho 3rd attempt we managed to freeze 5 embroys which didnt happen in 1&2

Financially, emotionally and mentally we are at our limit :( but also know we have 5 chances still and have to take them

depending what you read some say frozen arent as a good and others say better

obv the cost is less then a normal cycle plus less drugs, no injections - whoop :) and clinic says it takes about 20 days starting from your period

who has had a successful pregnancy out of a frozen cycle

Thank you xx

OP posts:

MamyPoko · 04/02/2016 21:40

After lots of unsuccessful treatment, we had a cycle with donor eggs, and I was pregnant but miscarried. A few months later I had two FET transferred; both implanted but at the first scan one was no longer growing. The other is now four years old. My second DS is nearly two, from a single FET. Try not to worry; frozen can be fine!
Rnbrie, thank you for being a donor. Our boys bring us so much joy. You did something wonderful.


Blondeshavemorefun · 04/02/2016 22:13

again i was told frosties (do love that term) take 30mins ish to defrost, they check for an hour ish if ok/dont die then implant, but if something happens and cant implant /traffic jam etcthen can survive 12hrs ish

so i dont think its possible to defrost and nuture for 24/48hrs without them dying

but check with your clinic

as i said ive never heard of freezing day 2, but if you had 16 and all others died :( then maybe the clinic thought this was the best chance of survival?

maybe do a new post asking about day 2, you might get better replies

OP posts:

nobeer · 04/02/2016 22:51

My gorgeous 13 month old DD is a FET. First cycle with 2 FET wasn't successful, but second with just one embryo was. Good luck!


Dannygirl · 05/02/2016 12:11

Impatient mine were blasts but I have heard many stories of top grade blast embryos not implanting and equally earlier stage embryos implanting. Implantation is a bit of a medical mystery as I understand it and there are lots of things at play. Have you just had the one failed cycle so far do you mind me asking or more? If multiple failed cycles it may be worth seeing if there are any underlying issues eg immunes which is what we discovered about me. All the very best with it xxx


Dannygirl · 05/02/2016 12:26

Sorry Impatient I missed your message about the embryos. Have you spoken to the embryologist about it? It does seem a high drop off rate from 16 eggs and might be useful to get their point of view on why that happened. Which clinic are you at if you don't mind me asking?


waitingimpatient · 05/02/2016 13:34

Yes just one failed FET. Could not have a fresh transfer after mild IVF before that as risk of ohss was high

With FET things looked good so I was surprised when it failed :( I do have thyroid problems though so may be that. I just was a bit worried about day 2 embryos but it's all I've got so maybe I need to be positive. I'm at create


Blondeshavemorefun · 05/02/2016 13:34

What do you mean by immunes?

Wish they knew why implantation doesn't work :(

And why some low grades take and some high grades don't

OP posts:

waitingimpatient · 05/02/2016 13:42

I think there are lots of aspects with immunes. I have thyroid antibodies but there are other ones called nk killer cells too and others

I had aspirin last time and have to have clexane and steroids this time. Some people have Intralipids to help too


waitingimpatient · 05/02/2016 13:43

I tried embryoglue last time and that's meant to help implantation but it didn't work (and it was £350!)


Blondeshavemorefun · 05/02/2016 13:46

I also had glue on 3nd cycle and 3 implanted and zilch

Tho the glue was free as my clinic had just got it and was doing trials with it. Following month the charged patients

OP posts:

Wistfulthinking · 05/02/2016 14:00


I had a successful 2 day frozen embryo transfer and my little girl is nearly one. I had 4 embryos, the first 2 (fresh cycle?) failed and with my FET, one failed to defrost and the 4th is our DD.

Good luck!


Blondeshavemorefun · 06/02/2016 08:18

Whistful a two day embryo = dd?

There's another thread somewhere with someone asking about 2 days and if ever worked

That's good to know :)

OP posts:

Blondeshavemorefun · 06/02/2016 08:22

Sorry it's this one blonde

Hope the reply gives you hope waiting

OP posts:

bananafish81 · 06/02/2016 11:20

waiting they absolutely can defrost them and culture them to day 3/5 once thawed. It's very commonly done - the risk is just that you may go through a whole FET and end up with nothing to transfer if they don't make it to blast, but I am personally of the school of thought that if they don't make it to blast in a dish they wouldn't have made it to blast inside my womb, so I'd rather know that the embryo wasn't up to scratch than to have had a failed transfer and not know if it was the seed or the soil


Blondeshavemorefun · 06/02/2016 11:27

Banana why do they do that? Why not culture to 3/5 days then freeze

Why freeze at 2 days then defrost and culture for another few days with the risk that they may fail?

Sorry if obvious question but wondering

Seems more stressful that way

OP posts:

bananafish81 · 06/02/2016 12:17

If they have had to do emergency freezing for OHSS often they will freeze at early stage.


bananafish81 · 06/02/2016 12:32

The same criteria about freezing for emergency freeze all doesn't apply as for freezing surplus embryos. Where freezing is enforced then they're less strict. If you would have had a fresh day 3 transfer they won't refuse to freeze them because they're not blasts


Wistfulthinking · 06/02/2016 21:34

My 2 day embryo did become my DD and was a success. I had all mine implanted/frozen at 2 days at my request before they fully formed. My clinic had done it before for somebody else with the same religious background / concerns as me. It is less usual as your unable to weed out the weaker embryos, but as that wasn't my main concern I was happy with our approach. We originally had 7 eggs of which 4 were successful at day 2. My two strongest A grade embryos failed to implant. My successful embryo was a weaker A/B grade and she is perfect now (in my eyes anyway!).


waitingimpatient · 06/02/2016 21:46

I think it's hard not to feel a bit negative as the majority of transfers seem to be day 3 or 5 but like wistful has said it does work!
I just feel as though I haven't got the 'best' chance but saying that my day 3 transfer back in October failed so who knows
It's frustrating as getting 16 eggs you'd expect more than three frosties but it's better than none

Sorry for derailing OP I will stop now! I just thought it may be a good place to find out if anyone has day 2 success


Blondeshavemorefun · 06/02/2016 22:33

Not derailing at all

Been useful to read and informative

Post away - esp as there have been posters on this thread who have had success with day 2

I've learnt something new and tbh though I was well Informed

Tho may depend on clinic

Sure mine said they only transfer 3day +

OP posts:

bananafish81 · 06/02/2016 22:50

Also as regards frozen there is growing evidence to suggest that frozen transfers are the future as it is thought by some doctors that the endometrium is more receptive in the more natural uterine environment of a FET cycle, vs the disruptive nature of unnaturally high hormone levels of a fresh cycle. Now clearly that isn't to say that fresh cycles don't work!! But as vitrification technology has become motor advanced, frozen transfers aren't just as successful as fresh transfers, but in some cases even more so. So it's absolutely not a second best option xx


Hamishandthefoxes · 06/02/2016 23:00

Hello my 6 year old day 2 Frostie is sprawled across my bed at the moment... It can definitely work! He's a very strong and healthy little beastie too (touch wood) so when Frosties work, they really work! Good luck


sebanna · 06/02/2016 23:02

My embryos were frozen on day two. I had one failed FET and then had twins from the second.


mammmamia · 06/02/2016 23:08

Has anyone had success with very old frozen embryos? I have 6 year old twins and the remainder from that cycle still on ice.


MissSmiley · 06/02/2016 23:17

We moved clinics after our 4th cycle and took 13 Frosties in a canister to a different clinic in London on the back seat of the car! We defrosted them all and were successful on the 5th go and he's now 13. 7th cycle was also successful from a Frostie.

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