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Buserelin side effects

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ChampagneTastes · 17/01/2016 21:04

Anyone else suffer LOTS of side effects from Buserelin? I have been through the list and I have approximately 80% of the possible side effects. My personal favourite being the grinding depression (I have never felt so bleak in my life). I am also enjoying the weirdly dry skin, dizziness and blurred vision (the last two are making teaching a particularly exciting experience). It also appears to have increased my sarcasm.

Is it just me? I am doing a hypno-therapy CD each day which appears to be countering the depression somewhat (I am not at the rifle/bell-tower point like I was in my first round last year) but the rest of it is proving... tricky.

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ChampagneTastes · 22/02/2016 21:29

It's also my first FET - had a fresh one just before Christmas. There were only two embryos, both were successfully fertilised with ICIS but Perky didn't make it.

Pinky is currently sat in my uterus - hopefully bedding down.

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