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Buserelin side effects

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ChampagneTastes · 17/01/2016 21:04

Anyone else suffer LOTS of side effects from Buserelin? I have been through the list and I have approximately 80% of the possible side effects. My personal favourite being the grinding depression (I have never felt so bleak in my life). I am also enjoying the weirdly dry skin, dizziness and blurred vision (the last two are making teaching a particularly exciting experience). It also appears to have increased my sarcasm.

Is it just me? I am doing a hypno-therapy CD each day which appears to be countering the depression somewhat (I am not at the rifle/bell-tower point like I was in my first round last year) but the rest of it is proving... tricky.

OP posts:
ChampagneTastes · 27/01/2016 21:40

Just me huh? Now I have the oestrogen too and I have just been crying all day. I am sick of this shit.

OP posts:
CorBlimeyTrousers · 27/01/2016 21:44

I'm sorry :( It's more than a year ago for me but I don't really remember any side effects. I may have been lucky. Don't underestimate that the whole experience is difficult and upsetting without the effects of the drugs. I'm sorry you're going through this and I wish you success. For what it's worth, our 5 month old is asleep upstairs :)

ChampagneTastes · 27/01/2016 21:48

Thank you Corblimey. This is round two and because we conceived DS1 naturally (and quickly) I think I'm struggling even more with this. I just want to curl up and cry (particularly at work which is madly stressful at the moment). I have headaches, dry skin, dizzy spells, mood swings....

I am feeling spectacularly sorry for myself. And DH doesn't seem to get it at the moment. I had hoped the hypnotherapy would help with my mood but I seem to be getting bleaker and bleaker every day.

OP posts:
ScarlettInSpace · 27/01/2016 21:52

Hi champagne nope not just you!

It seemed to take me bloody ages to pull out of the chemical depression the down reg put me in so I feel your pain love x

I remember reading the leaflet at night trying to find side effects I didn't have... oh and crying at Dog the sodding Bounty Hunter was a particular low point!

I gave up the day OH came home from work and found me Sat in the bath sobbing uncontrollably because I hated my job so much but felt I couldn't leave because we were in the thick of fertility treatment.

Packed in the treatment & got a new job, best decision I made, only ready now 2.5 years again to venture back into treatment, got our 2nd appt next week to find out if they will reinstate my funding.

Never ever ever again will I put buserelin in my body again!

ScarlettInSpace · 27/01/2016 21:53

Sorry you prob needed a success story Blush

If it's any consolation the depression is chemically induced so it will go away x

ChampagneTastes · 27/01/2016 22:10

Don't apologise Scarlet. I do feel a bit better for knowing it's not just me.

Work are being wonderful but I would be taking the piss if I was off every time I felt a bit teary. DH is not one for emotional support - lovely but wouldn't occur to him that a hug might help.

I feel really quite resentful of this not yet conceived baby which is not a good place for my head to be right now.

OP posts:
cheapredwine · 27/01/2016 22:13

I was lucky, haven't ever really suffered side effects downregging other than splitting headaches every morning towards the end of the last bit before stims. Really hope it passes quickly once you're off it OP. Wishing you all the very best

ScarlettInSpace · 27/01/2016 22:21

Men aren't great are they! My OH looks like a rabbit in the headlines if I cry Grin he's a Practical Solution kind of man, which is prob what I needed when I reached break point (an unsolicited hug would've been good too though Wink )

I missed my friends 40th, a naming ceremony & an engagement do, all because of those drugs making me, quite frankly, an unsociable bastard. Just keep telling yourself it's not real emotion it's the drugs, that's the only thing I could do Wink

ScarlettInSpace · 27/01/2016 22:21

*headlights lol,

Amara123 · 27/01/2016 22:28

I had all of what you describe! Drenching sweats, poor concentration, blurred vision, tearfulness to name the most bothersome. It was f*cking horrendous. I am planning a fet soon but have such an awful time on the drugs last time I am dragging my heels about it. I think I still feel angry with the clinic because I feel I wasn't prepared for how I might feel. Like they did say most women are totally fine (as some people on this thread were) but it seems to me that either you sail through or it is an ordeal! And the worst thing is is that an IVF cycle takes a good chunk of time so you do need to work and fulfil your normal commitments while feeling like something the cat regurgitated onto the rug.. My sympathies are with you and it will get better a couple of weeks after your cycle ends.

eurochick · 27/01/2016 22:32

Yep. I felt bloody awful on it. To the extent that I walked away from my one NHS cycle before EC when they told me I needed to downreg for an extra week to fit in with their clinic timing. I am usually quite a stable and unemotional person but I almost had a breakdown in the waiting room when they told me. I just couldn't face it. I took a break, changed clinic and went for natural/mild IVF instead. That wasn't a walk in the park but much easier than hellish downregging.

CorBlimeyTrousers · 28/01/2016 11:45

I think those effects are pretty normal aren't they, as it's a bit like a menopause.

We had 3 natural IVF cycles (so no dowregulation or stimulating drugs - just the collection of the egg I produced naturally) but that didn't work. My eggs weren't very good quality (and ovarian reserve too low to make stimulation worthwhile). I couldn't bear to carry on like that and after lots of thought we proceeded to egg donation which is how DS2 came about. We had conceived DS1 naturally (although it took a couple of years and a laparoscopy).

Good luck to all of you still trying. I know my friend who had her daughter by ICSI said the sniffing was the worst bit. I think I was lucky.

ScarlettInSpace · 28/01/2016 19:15

Unfortunately the side effects aren't that normal Sad

When I went through it, Euro ^ was the only other person I spoke to that had it as bad, like the OP, at the time I think we were both happy that we weren't the only one as we were on different threads on here surrounded by people who didn't have any/much of the side effects.

We both are still alive though lol so it's not fatal Wink Grin

Hope today was a bit better champagne

Amara123 · 28/01/2016 20:37

Yep I would second it being not normal. I suppose the key issue is that your hormones are stopped in one massive go rather than a gradual reduction over years that women have in the menopause. Also I was so swollen after stims, it was horrendous. I am just wondering of those of us who had a rough time, was your fertility issue male factor or female? Mfi here.

I have survived op and so will you. You're not alone is having had a tough time. Keep trucking and show yourself every kindness.

ChampagneTastes · 28/01/2016 21:00

Thank you all for being sweet. Inevitably reading this is making me cry. I'm doing ok - I want it OVER. I am trying to think of something lovely to do in the event of a positive pregnancy test so I have something to look forward to (at the moment pregnancy and newborn baby both just sound like hard work - they are both desperately wanted but I'm just so TIRED right now). Everything I think of is based on alcohol or hot water so any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Amara interesting theory. We're a mixture - we actually have a DS already (who appears to have been a bit of a miracle) but DH has lazy, odd shaped sperm and I have ageing ovaries. It's not a great combination.

OP posts:
ChampagneTastes · 02/02/2016 22:06

God the buserelin is never ending! I am off to the clinic on Thursday for the scan. Hopefully my uterus is all prepped and ready to go. Got sent home from work today because I looked like shit. I would like this over soon.

OP posts:
ScarlettInSpace · 05/02/2016 22:33

Hey champagne how did you get on yesterday? Sorry I'm a bit delayed, I've not been online work has been nuts...

Hope you're feeling better and they've moved you off the bastading buserelin Wink

We are absolutely female problem, OH has 2 kids already and good swimmers. I've failed 2 IVFs now cos of shit eggs 😖

Osirus · 06/02/2016 23:41

When I was down-regging on buserelin I suffers from night sweats, angry mood swings and on a couple of occasions, a weird sense of doom! It wasn't fun but it was bearable. Happily, I had no side effects with any of the other drugs and had a smooth, successful cycle. Hopefully it will be worth it for you too. On the plus side, I'm no longer scared of needles!

ChampagneTastes · 07/02/2016 21:58

Thanks all. Thursday's appointment was good. My lining is at 11.5 which is fine and we're going to transfer on Friday assuming the embryo defrosts ok. Have started on the progesterone which is already making me cry.

I know what you mean about the feeling if doom. I'm constantly flashing forwards to car crashes or my DS having a terrible accident. I'm starting to wonder if it's not the drugs. Maybe it's just me.

OP posts:
ChampagneTastes · 12/02/2016 07:27

Waiting for the phone call today. Hoping embryo defrosts ok. Please keep everything crossed.

OP posts:
MrsChrisPratt · 21/02/2016 17:00

How'd it go champagne? When is your otd? I'm 5 days in to down regging on buserelin and have spent the whole day on the sofa feeling rubbish!

ChampagneTastes · 22/02/2016 06:43

Hello! I had pretty much given up on this thread. Sorry you're feeling rubbish too. The good news is that I felt better fairly quickly after stopping the buserelin.

I'm testing on Friday. Cautiously optimistic but trying not to get too over-excited! When do you transfer?

OP posts:
MrsChrisPratt · 22/02/2016 07:40

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. You are being very disciplined not testing early!

Transfer likely to be mid March, just waiting on my bleed now so I cam start the HRT. Hoping it comes on time so this cycle doesn't interfere with plans at the end of March including a close relatives wedding and a trip abroad!

ChampagneTastes · 22/02/2016 13:04

Ha! Not disciplined at all. I tested on Saturday which I now recognise was stupid. Is this your first cycle?

OP posts:
MrsChrisPratt · 22/02/2016 19:08


It's my first FET. Previously had one failed ICSI and one ICSI that didn't get to transfer due to a bleed in one of my ovaries.

How about you?

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