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Questions about SA and when to count cycle from

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perrita · 27/11/2015 17:08

So after believing for the past four years that I had PCOS, I have recently found out that I haven't!

Feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I've finally been referred to the gynaecology department at my local hospital and had an appointment on Monday with a doctor who was so wonderful. I feel hopeful, like someone is actually willing to help us.

I'm overweight at the moment and still have to lose a bit more before they can "actively help us to conceive" but they are sending me for blood tests to check if I'm ovulating, and DH for a semen analysis over the next 3 months until next appointment.

DH is convinced that his analysis will be terrible, he has been taking medication for epilepsy for most of his life, and has been on it for the past twelve years, and took it for a lot of his childhood too.

I have a couple of questions: is anyone elses DH on medication which can potentially affect SA? If so, did it actually effect it?

Also, I have to go for a blood test on day 21 of my cycle but I am actually unsure when to count from. My periods are irregular, they are roughly 6-8 weeks and I bleed for 2-3 weeks, sometimes it's very, very light (use a tampon/pad overnight, don't need one for the rest of the day, just a little blood when I wipe) and sometimes it's like this and then turns into a proper period. When should I count my cycle as starting do you think? From the first day of spotting or only if it becomes a "proper" period? Kicking myself now for not getting proper clarification on this from doctor. I was just struggling to take in everything and not cry of happiness.

Thank you so much for any help you can give me!

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