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Metformin and ivf

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Sally1108 · 16/06/2015 21:22

Hi everyone

We have had our first consultation at borne hall and are ready to start treatment :) :)

I have pcos and dh has low morph - clinic has put us down for the short (?) ivf and has given me metformin to take when period starts and to call them to get meds for day 21 :)

My periods are always 30 - 35 days and I am now a week late :/ I feel like my body literally hates me! I am having regular cramps through out the day which gets my hopes up it's coming -( I am not prego I have tested )

I have a question - will metformin bring on my period if I start taking it now rather than wait till it starts as dr suggested?

We have waited so long for this - every day feels like forever :/ and it's making me miserable - dh keeps saying just forget about it and it will come - but it's not that easy ....


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