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Clomid after miscarriage?

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megarobotdiscoparty · 08/05/2015 14:43

Would appreciate any advice from anyone who has been in a similar situation.

I'm taking Clomid in the hope of conceiving DC2 (DS born as a result of Clomid 2 years ago). We got pregnant in March this year but sadly lost our little bean. We had been pinning our hopes on being able to try again soon, but today at the fertility clinic I was told we would have to wait until August before being able to take the drugs again.

This may be wishful thinking but it doesn't sound right to me. During the consultation I was first told we'd need to wait 2 months... I then asked if it would be ok to wait til next AF and was told yes... then he didn't seem sure... then suddenly we ended up at "see you in August". Confused

I am so confused and upset... I feel so broken by our early loss and now it feels like our lives are going to be on hold for so much longer than I expected.

Any advice gratefully received.

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