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Ttc whilst perimenopausal

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Spencer74 · 11/04/2015 09:11

Hi, can anyone please help? I am 41 years old, and told i am perimenopausal. I have an amh of 0.4 and fsh of 15. I was told ivf would be unsuccessful, so that is not an option for me. I am desperately ttc before i am actually menopausal. I have heard many good things about agnus castus, DHEA and Coq10, so i have started taking all 3 about 3 weeks ago. I am just wondering if anyone has taken as much as 2000mg agnus castus, as i have been taking 1000mg but states on bottle uou can take 1-2, and also can you use progesterone cream with DHEA? I dont want to over do it and have negative effects?

Thanks in advance

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