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Feeling at a loss

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AmbleBramble · 09/03/2015 00:50

I recently received ivf treatment. I had a 3 day FET and was implanted on the 31st January. I was told to wait 2 weeks to do a test. When I did the test it was a positive!! But when we attended our scan we were 6 weeks 6 days so they said. The scan showed an empty uterus. No sac no fetal pole no fetus. We were devastated as all my tests have shown up positive. After the scan we were told to stop the meds and go home and expect to bleed. The following day I started spitting and had bad cramps and bleeding. We visited the gynaecology dept and they took bloods which showed a level of what was said to be 75. They said to come back two days later and see if the levels were rising. But I received a call saying not to come back in as the level was what it was and that I had miscarried. There was no proof of miscarriage. They also mentioned a possible blighted ovum or chemical pregnancy. I've done another two tests since which state pregnant. I have stopped bleeding and cramping. My period was due in the day I started bleeding after the scan. I had no symptoms of coming on whatsoever prior to the scan(intravaginal). I'm so confused as to what's happening. I'm still holding on to hope and I'm praying it's just too early to be seen. Has anyone got any advice or help me with this?
Worried and confused :(

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