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Clomid cycle 2

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asgm12 · 25/01/2015 20:54

Hi everyone, I am looking for any reassurance on this I am wanting to tear my hair out.
I'm 23, have been diagnosed with pcos and endometriosis and also had 2 polyps removed from my uterus in may. Tubes are fine.
My first cycle of clomid last month I had terrible side effects and af like cramping from finishing my clomid tablets to af arriving. On cd 28 I started spotting and on day 31 af came properly.

This cycle I have had fewer side effects and I am now on cd 31, had no spotting and no cramping and I am not breaking out on my chin nearly as badly. This afternoon I suddenly got af cramps, and thought I had began very light bleeding, pink on paper but brown on pad. Now this evening it looks like it is stopping.

I am sad because i'm expecting this to be the start of af but at the same time I am annoying myself by thinking this could be implantation bleeding. I ovulated 2 weeks ago today. is it possible to be implantation bleeding?

I haven't done a hpt because last month I went crazy testing and got myself too obsessed with it all. So I am leaving it as long as I can resist to avoid same scenario.

Any replies are gratefully received. x x x x thank you x x x x

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ToAvoidConversation · 27/01/2015 18:52

Can't give too much advice but by cycle 2 of clomid I was really struggling emotionally when I got my period. However, cycle 3 did the trick and I'm now pretty heavily pregnancy. Baby is kicking and wiggling as I type. Best of luck! (Oh and we DTC every day for about 2/3 weeks on the cycle that worked)

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