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Atypical fertilisation - not seen fertilising but growing day 3, slowly

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naty1 · 25/10/2014 18:22

1 fert /7 mature/10 eggs
But extra one found day 3 cant remember cell number and this was also put back day 3.
Atypical fertilisation

Ivf 2 2 fert normally 1 abnormal / 4 mature/9 eggs
No late fertilisers
5 fert/ 12 mature/13 eggs
3 more found day 3
So 8 fert total but again 3 atypical.
These 3 were 2/3 cells at day 3 so very slow

Has anyone had this?
Are they injecting slightly immature eggs too early ?
I have pcos and these eggs are probably from 17mm or less follicles at trigger
Only my largest 20mm+ eggs seem to fertilise 18s might but not make good embryos.
I thought this might be better with gonal f only ivf 3.
They said they wont freeze these ones as they are atypical and slow but i have asked to grow them to day 6 tomorrow to see what happens.

I have not seen anyone else where they 'fertilise' a day late with icsi day 0.
Getting suspicious they are injecting too soon. As ivf 2 they called at 4pm all done saying only 4 mature well reading it can take 5 hrs for eggs to mature in lab after collection and as op wasnt till around 11 seems too quick.
As my eggs must be a bit immature and mature in the lab by the following day and register the fertilisation. My 18mm follicles are only making b and b/c grade embryos.

Any ideas?

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