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DHEA supplements - recommended supplier please

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Hare5260 · 08/10/2014 19:11

Evening all

I've just spoken to one of the (lovely) fertility nurses see at my (lovely) clinic following our first ivf and have been recommended to take DHEA supplements for 6 weeks prior to our second round. Having had a quick look on t'internet, there are plenty of sites offering the stuff, but none that I recognise.

Could anyone who has previously bought them recommend a site that I could use - and are there any positive outcomes that can be attributed to DHEA's use?

Thanks muchly...C.

OP posts:
SecondSunrise · 09/10/2014 11:54

I got mine from Biovea (75/50mg daily I think). I had poor response on first round of IUI and this improved after 3 months of DHEA. I got lucky on IUI number 3. Am taking them again in preperation for TTC number 2 via assisted conception route. They are definitely worth a try. Good luck!

sharond101 · 09/10/2014 20:39

I got mine from Astronutrition. Arrived quickly and good price. I was recommended to take them for 3 months for an effect to be seen.

NewEraNewMindset · 09/10/2014 20:43

Can anyone give an idea of dosage please?

Andcake · 11/10/2014 20:31

Biovea here to - dose 50-75 mg a day. Helped me get ds despite hugely low ovarian reserve. Natural conception although I did mc 2 other times.

Hare5260 · 11/10/2014 23:40

Thanks, ordered via Biovea, 60/50mg and on a buy one get the second half price offer. Fingers crossed for ivf #2... Makes me wonder they didn't suggest taking them before though.

OP posts:
Andcake · 12/10/2014 12:33

Goodluck - dhea can be a bit controversial which is why some people don't suggest it. It doesn't work for everyone. But the studies done in ny are very compelling. Some even conceive naturally - I did- although I mc but it made me stall donor egg plans and after a 2nd mc conceived dsGrin

ChewyGiraffe · 15/10/2014 00:37

Hi, interesting to read the above successes! I've heard of lots of ladies using DHEA from Biovea, although I haven't tried it myself.

I was pretty nervous about DHEA, but being 43 when I started TTC I wanted to throw the book at it.

I found out an IVF clinic in New York called CHR (Center for Human Reproduction) have done lots of research into DHEA. They've posted some of their info here:

CHR recommend using an 'ultra micronised' form of DHEA, which they say is more easily absorbed, 25 mg 3 x daily (i.e. 75mg total per day).

I used an 'ultra micronised' DHEA from McPherson Labs:
I took it (25 mg x 3) for 5 - 6 weeks until BFP with DD (now 15 months). I doubt I took it for long enough to make a difference, as I think 3 - 4 months pre-conception is recommended, but who knows.

I've since found out that the brand that CHR prescribe (Fertinatal) can be shipped to UK by (although they supply DHEA without a prescription). I'm taking this one now that we're TTC again. Its more expensive than the McPherson's though.

ChewyGiraffe · 15/10/2014 00:46

Seems reassuring that we've all been taking fairly similar doses. I also just remembered seeing a document posted by the Lister Fertility Clinic, which said "... recommended dose is 25mg three times a day for at least two months"
Good luck.

ChewyGiraffe · 15/10/2014 00:49

Sorry, I'm so dopey I didn't notice you'd already bought the Biovea ones, OP! Anyway, hope they do the trick for IVF #2.

Hare5260 · 07/11/2014 23:51

Thanks for the info Chewy - if this round doesn't get me a bfp, I'll look at ordering the fertinatal. Much appreciated!

OP posts:
CheshirePanda · 03/02/2015 12:08

can anyone advise please? I have been reading up about DHEA and am trying to work out if you should be taking the 7 KETO version or the 'normal' one? I understand the ultra micronised element aids adsorption.
I have vv low AMH and a huge FSH so hoping it might assist.
Thank you

emailybristen · 08/02/2017 18:13

Hello Everyone!!!! I was wanting to know if anyone could give me any suggestions to get discount IVF drugs online? I found one My protocol calls for Follistim. Thank you for your help. Emaily.

hopefulmom88 · 27/02/2017 21:54

Hi Emaily,
I used fastivf for all 3 of my cycles and quite pleased with their kind service. I found them to be the cheapest. I would definitely recommend.

ivflola · 22/03/2017 20:26

my consultant at Lister mentioned and i saw they had a UK site with 'guaranteed delivery in the UK'

it turns out they are real cowboys. my pack was stopped at customs in Stansted and DHEA said it was my responsibility to check legality 'especially in the UK' and i had 'agreed to the T&Cs', which are buried in a hyperlink at the bottom, after many paragraphs or reassurance on how they deliver to the UK. They will essentially give zero refund, after having lured UK customers with fake promises on their homepage.

Then the charming bit they emailed me and is actually part of their T&cs

"If you do not agree, please order from another vendor! In the event that the goods were seized by your country's customs office and you file a claim for non-receipt of goods, you will be barred from doing business with us in the future, and we will post all your details, include your name and address on the internet as a someone who did not abide by the terms and conditions entered into when placing the order."

not only it is completely unethical, but i believe illegal to share private data without consent, both the UK and the US.

AVOID AT ALL COSTS! I lost significant money!

And please, now i am going to possibly miss one cycle because of this :(((( where can i get a trustworthy british provider with good quality DHEA? and why does it have to be so effin difficult??! (moan)

Rimiza · 22/05/2018 17:41

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Julie90 · 13/09/2018 18:10

Hi ladies, need help.. which dhea is the best one to buy?

nsprice · 17/06/2019 00:44

Hi, Try PPI, Inc. They ship MRM 25 mg DHEA for customers at IVF clinics in Scotland and other parts of the UK. They guarantee delivery and will reship if any problems with customs. Try this link.

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