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My first visit here!!!!!

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sam9700 · 05/06/2014 12:00

Hi ladies.
This is my very first visit to this site. I am 22 years n my husband is 27. We are trying to conceive frm 1 year. We r having unprotected intercourse but still iam not pregnant. .. I had my scan that says MOSTLY SUGGESTIVE OF POLYCYSTIC OVARIES?
My gynecologist said tht thrz no problm with it.
But thn y m I nt falling pregnant.. I feel very low every month when iam in periods. Plz.suggest some good ways to me. Will n really thank ful tonu ppl.

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AttilaTheMeerkat · 05/06/2014 18:07

Are you under the care of a gynae at a NHS unit?. Initially at least you are better off under the NHS.

The gynae you've previously seen does not sound very helpful at all and I would actually now see someone else. PCO can and does cause problems with trying to conceive.

Have you actually started any treatment regimen like clomid?. This is often the first line of treatment used in such cases. However, you should be monitored whilst on it with blood tests and ultrasounds as it is quite powerful stuff. It should also only be used for a maximum time of six months after which time other treatments should be tried.

(The use of text speak in your post makes your post really hard to read, its better to not use this at all).

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