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advice please, am I crazy for feeling like this?!

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lozzie23 · 27/05/2014 21:54

Hey, ive just joined mumsnet, I am 23 and have a beautiful 4 yr old son, me and my partner (not my sons dad) have been ttc for around 6 months, I know people will have been trying longer than me but im just after some advice.

My periods are regular, 30day cycle, I was due on today but tests was neg and no period. Now im usually on the button with it but idk whats going on.

Ive got an ovulation calander sorted, I have a healthy diet, im not overweight, I excercise and dont smoke or drink at all. I dont have any stress (any more than usual with a 4yo)

Im worried something is wrong, ive had several infections (not stds) since having my son, ive also had harmless cysts and a stuck coil which took a while to retrieve last year. Ive also had group b strep. Ive had two miacarriages in 3 years and a massive 22day unexplained bleed that i was in hospital for. Ive always had painful heavy periods and recently my stomach has swollen and become painful to a point where i cant wear jeans or somethig that needs fastening as ive gone from a size 10 to 14 on a matter of weeks. I i was wondering about an ectopic because of the pain om getting amd the swelling but I think that unlikely.

Everyone has noticed and asked me if i am pregnant which is embarrassing as tests say im not.

Ive visited my doc recently but she wont entertain me for at least a year, although ive read with a second try it can be 6 months.

A couple of work friends who drink, smoke and are a little overweight have just told me theyre pregnant within a week although they know my struggle. I feel almost resentful and I hate feeling like this because its not their fault.
Am I wrong to feel this way? Im starting to not want to gobout because of my tummy I cant even suck it in or hide it with scarfs or jackets because its so prominent. Even my son asked me if there was a baby in my tummy. I feel embarrassed and ashamed plus helpless that im not yet pregnant.
Any advice would be appreciated ladies.

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