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A couple of questions?

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spinningirl10 · 08/05/2014 16:47

Hi, I've popped in here to see if I can get any advice for my sister.
She's 38 with no dc. She hasn't had a period for approx 18 months and tests show she doesn't ovulate. The consultant at the hospital gave her some pills to try and bring on a bleed. They didn't work, she took them 3 times I think.
The consultant phoned her yesterday and said that the next option was to have injections.....she doesn't know what these do or how often she would need to have them, can she do it herself? I've said she should go with her husband and talk it through with the consultant as she didn't take in everything that was said on the phone. She's quite fed up, obviously and thinks it will never happen.
I just wonder if anyone has a similar story they can share and did the injections work for you?

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