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Waiting for ICSI due to some issues, in the meantime, bleeding old blood 9 days straight?

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mawinter · 02/05/2014 09:29

Long story shorter. got a massive bruise to my Xiphoid process and all of the bloating on and off from the periods, two week waits, etc was too much, so the Clinic put me back on Cerazette while we wait for our insurance transfer to begin ICSI in June and to give the Xiphoid process time to heal.
On top of this the clinic also decided I should have an attempt made to remove my adhesions again (from appendix removal), check for endo and find out why the left tube is blocked.
At first going back on Cerazette was a breeze, then I stupidly forgot 4 days worth of pills, so I doubled up the day I realized and then doubled up the next day as well. Really I have no idea what I was thinking doing this twice, but I did. 2 days later, my body decided to Ovulate and about a week later I had some cramps, but they went away after a few days. The following week I began to have brown discharge, which has been very very light and now 9 days later I am still bleeding. There has been a few small clots here and there and this morning several large clots were passed. I am starting to have really bad pain in my abdomen and I am pretty dizzy. I am wondering if I should let this wait until Tuesday when I meet with surgeons to have the adhesions removed or if I should call the clinic asap?

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