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Hello ladies - I am a surrogate currently pregnant after treatment at Serum, Athens.

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cfc · 12/10/2013 09:14

Hi everyone,

I am acting as a host surrogate for some friends who have had 7 rounds of IVF using donor eggs but no success themselves.

We had FET at Serum in Athens (with the wonderful Penny) on 1st Oct and we're currently showing pregnant!

We have Beta tests on Monday and Thursday to ascertain blood levels hCG (and more importantly that they're rising correctly) and then it's all systems go for a healthy and BORING 9 months.

I am posting this in here as my friend thought she was all out of ideas before looking into surrogacy. So much expense, emotional as well as the obvious financial, so much sadness and not a sniff of a positive. But now there's hope. So there could be for you.

Really, all the very best of luck to you all. I believe as you sow so shall you reap. You are putting in such work to get your babies and I'm willing success for you all x

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