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5 years unexplained infertility and giving up hope....

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nohassalls · 09/10/2013 22:01

Hello. I'm new here and just wonder if anyone else is or has got to the point of feeling that it's hopeless. I'm 34, DH is 38 ( and beside himself, desperate for kids). Been trying for 4.5 years, clomid-didn't work, IVF with ISCI didn't work, all went swimmingly, put back a hatching 5day blasto, the embryologist was winking at me and saying we're lucky this is best case scenario, and then nothing. BFN. Hmm We have 3 frozen eggs, of which 2 cycles of FET have been cancelled as my normally settled cycle misbehaved. Should finally have our FET in a few weeks, but I just feel like it's not going to work. We have a funded IVF coming up soon, but again, it just feels pointless. I've never seen a BFP in my life, there's nothing wrong with us. Humph. Reading success stories on here doesn't even cheer me up, I'm just envious that these couples have been lucky but have no feeling that will ever be me. Has anyone all but given up? Sorry - proper moan-a-thon!

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nohassalls · 10/11/2013 09:59

  • strange, not stand...
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rabbitonthemoon · 10/11/2013 20:32

Hassalls that is amazing news Smile it must all feel so surreal. Wishing you a non eventful 9 months Thanks


nohassalls · 10/11/2013 21:45

Thanks Rabbit. Very, very surreal! Blush

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ceara · 12/11/2013 20:59

Hassalls that is amazing news, I'm so pleased for you. As buggerlugs says, just try and take one day at a time - easier said than done, I know :-)


helterskelter99 · 12/11/2013 21:05

Sorry this is brief
Get your thyroid checked
And immunes tested privately as nhs don't really test yet

( 3 mc plus 4 rounds of icsi for our miracle who was worth the wait!!)


MuddyWellyNelly · 14/11/2013 13:49

Eurochick pointed me to this thread and like others said, it's heartening in a horrible way to find others here. I've had 3 failed IVFs with very low AMH so I feel a total failure as a woman. I'm now 39 and reckon we have reached the end of the road at least as far as my own eggs are concerned. DE is our next consideration. I turn 40 in August and I want it all over by then. I can't handle any more bad news (but, I say over, we won't use contraception ever again, so make of that what you will).

I am rubbish at posting on my phone but just wanted to join in the general cathartic release! For the record, I don't think thyroid, immunes, reflexology, acu, yet more IVF or a better diet will get me pregnant. Maybe one month the stars will be aligned, but the false hope can be quite painful. And I share the thoughts of many of you about the good news stories feeling so irrelevant, as they haven't happened to you.

May my next post here be cheerier Smile


StarzInMyEyes · 26/11/2013 12:27

Hey All,
I too have been struggling with unexplained and don't know when will the d-day arrive. Have been TTC for 4yrs and never ever got a BFP. Both of us are 32 with low amh (0.62), good SA for DH but 6% normal acrosome.

Any suggestions? It is so frustrating and difficult to keep going like this.


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