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Going through infertility or IVF treatment - want a support penpal online?

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Shellster52 · 30/08/2013 05:43

It is two years now that we have been trying to conceive. My history is too long to list here but basically I have a very low AMH and my husband has 100% abnormal sperm morphology - which means 0% chance of natural conception. So were are currently on the IVF path. I found someone online and we ended up emailing back and forth. I found it fantastic to have a place where I could vent about every little thing - you can't go into too much details with friends and family about periods and the details infertility entails - but we both understood eachother. She got pregnant on her third IVF. I would love to continue that type of support with anyone else who feels it might benefit them.

Please click 'Message Poster above this message and send me a personal message and we can chat / vent back and forth to get us through this!

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