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Low progesterone - where to go from here??

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kitty555 · 25/07/2013 08:40

Hi all,

I got the results of my second CD21 test back yesterday - my progesterone was only 1 which obviously indicates that I didn't ovulate!!! First one last month was 5 which is obviously too low as well. Once my GP gets back from holiday she is putting my referral pack for the FC together.
Now, what to expect? I assume they will first try and put me on Chlomid.
What do I have to check with them? What will they check on me? Do I have to have a few other tests done before they put me on Chlomid? Do they want to see my DH as well straight away? I have a few other health issues which don't make the whole thing easier (Hypothyroidism, Diabetes Type 1, Pernicious anaemia - but these problems are all well under control for a while now).
I am scared to say the least and concerned that at some point we are running out of time as I am in my mid-30ies already.
Could it be that I am just ovulating late or early so the CD21 didn't actually catch the peak and I should rather have it done on a different day?
Any help much appreciated! Thanks x

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