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Hello ladies

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Jaffacakequeenie · 23/05/2013 08:30

I'm 38 and started our Ivf journey in sept - I have endometriosis and troublesome periods+++

After issues with cysts and a first unsuccessful cycle due to interaction problems we are are going with icsi, we got two embryos which have both been used, preg test tomorrow 🙏

We both found it really hard emotionally after there the first cycle, we both had unrealistic expectations and altho they (NHS) learnt a lot I feel - regardless of what happens tomorrow I have done well. I required the highest dose of hormones to stimulate follicles etc

It's been a tricky two weeks & also in the middle of trying to sell our house in Yorkshire & relocate to West Country ... Put it this way, I am trying to remember that estate agents are ppl to !

JW my partner is already renting a flat in the West Country & I am still in Yorkshire

I have really struggled with my sleep, also I have been made redundant and really miss the routine of work to give me an alternative focus.. If anyone has any sleep aids I'd be grateful - I am already a seasoned camomile drinker...

If this isn't successful I don't believe that my new pct in Bristol will give me a high enough dose of the necessary stimulating hormones - but sort of gonna cross that bridge

Regardless all the posts on here are truly inspirational!
Keep smiling:)

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