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Omenn Syndrome

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Anisah24 · 07/05/2013 02:16

Hi, I have a few.questions.

within two weeks of me being born I was diagnosed with omenn syndrome (google - omenn syndrome) which meant I didn't have any white cells so i'm unable to fight infections. Luckily I was given a bone marrow transplant and my mother was the donor and it was successful. I have always been underweight too. My mother told me the doctors did say my system in the body is damaged but I don't quite get it. I didn't start my periods normally so at the age of 12 I was given hormone tablets called Loestrin 30 for 8 years. I have recently stopped the tablets and was given Evorel 50/Evorel Conti patches instead. I'm not actually sure if I have eggs?? I'm confused. I think i'd never have a baby even with treatment. What should I do?

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