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PCOS complementary therapies?

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ILiveInAPineapple · 16/08/2012 21:23

First a bit of background from me.
I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19. I was given Dianette, which i took until i was 24. I was put on metformin age 22 by an endocrinologist.

We had 3 mc whilst trying to conceive our son, who is now almost 5. He was conceived using 50mg, which I got from the GP. I remained on metformin throughout my pregnancy with him as the gynae thought it might help reduce the chance of miscarrying.

After my son was born, I had a mirena coil fitted. I had horrible mood swings, acne came back, chin hairs, pelvic pain (cysts!), loss of libido, recurrent thrush, vaginal dryness, and eventually I saw a new GP who said straight away that it was the coil causing it and took it out.

This was almost 2 yrs ago now. Since then I have only had 3 periods, and while I was never ever regular, I at least had one every couple of months. We have not used any contraception at all and have been actively trying to conceive. I am now 30 yrs old.

The GP has offered to refer me to a fertility specialist, but she can't do it until my husband comes back from overseas in about 6 weeks as he has to have a sperm analysis. I had an US, and it showed my ovaries are still covered in cysts. I had a period, and am having D21 progesterone on 20th August (it will actually be d23 but I figure that's ok), testosterone and thyroid function blood tests, and have an appointment back with the GP on 4th September to get the results as I know they won't be normal.

I have also lost almost 2 stones in weight, and weigh 3 stone less than when I conceived my son, although I would like to lose another 3 to be my ideal weight and am still dieting.

My question really is, based on my history etc, would you recommend taking agnus Castus and saw palmetto while I wait for the fertility referral, and if so, what dosage regimen do I take, as I have read that you can't take ac while pregnant? Do ovulation tests work for people with PCOS, and since I have so few periods, how do I go about testing?!

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the epic post!

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AttilaTheMeerkat · 17/08/2012 10:35

I would challenge the GP re not referring you to a fertility specialist before the semen analysis comes back. This is also because you already have a PCOS diagnosis. Also such tests re semen often have to be repeated anyway (one test is not fully indicative) so this course of action just delays a future referral.

Do not use any ovulation tests like OPKs if PCOS is present as these can give false positive readings. Such tests measure LH; many PCOSers have an excess of this hormone to start with so the kit ends up reading that.

PCOS is a condition that does not go away of its own accord, I was not all that surprised therefore to read that your ovaries are still covered in cystic follicles.
These cystic follicles can and do disappear - only to be replaced by further cystic follicles.

Apart from the progesterone test they should also be doing a day 2 to check and compare your LH level against that of your FSH. This test should also be repeated. It is likely that you will need some medical help in order to conceive again.

Would refrain from self medicating with anything like Saw palmetto or Agnus castus (particularly that with regards to PCOS) as it can make the underlying hormonal problems worse. If you did want to try either I would not self medicate at all but seek out the advice of a properly qualified medical herbalist beforehand.

Verity's website may be helpful to you // as would following a low GI/GL eating plan re weight loss.

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ILiveInAPineapple · 17/08/2012 14:57

Thanks for the reply.
Apparently the fertility clinic will not accept referrals without SA, LH/FSH, D21 prog and TFT! although she is doing the LH and FSH along with the d21 prog.

I guess it's just a case of waiting for the referral then if I can't do anything else. I already follow low gi alongside SW, as my blood sugar swings wildly otherwise.

So frustrating! I went along when we had been actively trying for a year and was sent away as I was under 30, and hadn't been trying for 2 yrs, even though I have PCOS and had only had 2 periods in that time. This time I saw a different GP who was much more sympathetic.

Just need my DH to hurry up and come back then!

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