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bethfull · 05/08/2012 02:39

Iv just stared my first cycle of clomid treatment. I was hopping for some uplifting success stories! I feel completely isolated. (confused) iv been feeling so sick all week iv hardly moved off the sofa except to go doctors. My partner thinks Im making things to clinical. Im trying not to.

I would love some encouraging story. Thank you

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onedaybaby · 08/08/2012 23:47

Hi, I just read your post while googling clomid and wondered if I had written it and forgotten! I am on my first month of clomid after 2 years TTC.

I have felt so sick! I actually threw up the weekend of ovulating, and have had severe nausea ever since.

Unfortunately, I am spotting so don't think it has worked - I have another 2 months to try.

I haven't had any scans but GP agreed to do day 21 tests for me.

I never get PMS, but the last few days I have been in such a foul mood.

I am feeling dispondent and getting very upset that things have got this far and if it doesn't work, then what's next? This wasn't how I imagine I would have my family.

I wouldn't mind a friend who is going through the same thing at the same time. Dh is very supportive but I am finding it difficult to explain what I am thinking and feeling and my worries about what we do next.

Feel free to pm me if you want to commiserate over our messed up clomid fuelled hormones!!

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