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back on Clomid

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lauraloo09 · 10/01/2012 13:16

Hiya everyone wonder is anyone else has had this situation before.

I just had a consultant appointment this morning with gynae as I was under investigation for PCOS and they told me today that all tests were negative for this so I dont have PCOS and my infertility is not due to my thyroid either as it is working fine after my sub total thyroidectomy back in 2010. I have not had a period since March apart from a withdrawal bleed from Norithertone (SP?) back in September. The consultant today put me back on Norithertone to bring on a bleed and the prescribed Clomid 50mg which I take between day 2-6 of the bleed. I have been told that after 3 cycles if this doesnt work then they dont know what can help me have a baby as NHS will not fund IVF as I have 1 child already but they will refer me to the infertility specialists. Does anyone know what next stages there would be if clomid doesnt work this time round? I would have liked a referral to infertility clinic today but been told I will have to wait. Also can someone remind me about the side effects to clomid not been on it since 2008 so cant remember.

Thanks xx

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