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Child Rescue Alerts

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GeorginaA · 28/06/2003 13:54

Don't know if everyone has seen this already, but thought people might be interested.

There's a scheme set up for child abduction cases, where not only TV and radio shows are interrupted to spread the word quickly (as happens in the States) but also SMSes sent out to registered phones in the near vicinity of the incident.

Anyway, I thought I'd link the two sites in case anyone wants to find out more:

Child Rescue Alert

and, for registering your mobile details:

Community Alerts

I've registered - just seemed like a good idea to be an extra pair of eyes...

OP posts:
3GirlsMum · 28/06/2003 14:55

I think those look like really good ideas and I to will be registering. Thanks for the links Georgina.

batey · 28/06/2003 16:41

I remember seeing this on T.V. a while ago about Amber. Thought it was a really good idea then. Will register my mobile, may even get something about this in our next school news letter. And dd2s nursery news.

tigermoth · 29/06/2003 11:28

thanks for the link - what a good idea. Swift alerts to potential witnesses must help so much.

My only worry - and it doesn't outweigh the benefits - is that witnesses who can't help, miss seeing anything useful or don't pick up their message will feel very guilty if they realise they were near an incident and let the abuser and victim slip through their hands.

Mummysurfer · 29/06/2003 11:36

Good idea .. I've registered too.

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