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In Central LONDON today I reported an abandoned car to the police......

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RTKangaMummy · 23/07/2005 21:42

In SHAFTESBURY Ave, LONDON today I reported an abandoned car to the police......

We were sitting in a cafe while DS was in Les Mis Kids Club in the theatre

So we sat in the cafe over the road from the theatre

Anyway this red peugot was over the road on double yellow lines

A traffic warden came and took photos and put a ticket on it

Anyway this car was still siting there after about 30 mins decided to ring 999

SO I did and told them all about it and that it had been there for all the time we had etc.

Gave her the reg number and location told her where we were

Anyway she said she would tell the nearby police station

I said I didn't really know whether to ring them or not but decided it was better to tell them and then let them decide what to do

After about 5 mins she rang me back and said


This was on shaftesbury avenue right outside Gielgud theatre

But honestly don't you think in the present situation the council would have moved it out of the way

It didn't even have any notice on it saying POLICE AWARE READY FOR TOWING


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foxinsocks · 23/07/2005 21:47

do you mean because it was on a double yellow? was it taxed? if it's not taxed, they normally tow it away much quicker. If it is taxed, they normally let the whole thing run its course.

abandoned vehicles are a huge problem in London - we have one on our street at the mo!

RTKangaMummy · 23/07/2005 21:55

It was on double yellow

don't know if it was taxed didn't think to look

I was just surprised that the council would leave a car in one of the main roads in the west end for a week

I know we were over reacting but was thinking of car bombs

That is why we phoned police cos I thought if we ring them they can then decide what to do

If they want to think Stupid woman then fine but we keep being told to keep our eyes open for something unusual

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MarsLady · 23/07/2005 21:55

only one foxin... huge problem! I've given up counting them.

RTKangaMummy · 23/07/2005 21:57

I know I am being really dim

But why do people dump cars in the road ?????

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foxinsocks · 23/07/2005 21:58

oh I see - in my mind, car bombers could have just as easily parked legally and have a tax disc!

I would have thought it was more of a nuisance because it was obstructing traffic (if it was).

If a car is taxed, it can take ages to get it shifted (we had one on our street for weeks).

foxinsocks · 23/07/2005 22:00

yes I know marslady!! we are very lucky to just have one (I do live on a small cul de sac though)! Also parking is precious around here that I think practically every resident phones the council when a car is dumped so they get so pissed off, they come and inspect them fairly quickly!!

People dump their cars when they stop working, fail MOTs and shouldn't be on the road etc. etc.

RTKangaMummy · 23/07/2005 22:08

Yes I guess you are right

it just seemed so weird to us

it wasn't really blocking the road but cars were having to go round it IYSWIM cos it took up one lane on a 2 lane part of the road

So in reality car bombers could park a car anywhere and londoners would be so used to them being dumped that they would ignore it

So the council should just collect them ASAP

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 23/07/2005 22:13

or people should stop dumping them - it's pure laziness because the council will actually pick them up for free now (if you advise them you want to surrender your vehicle). I guess there are other more dubious reasons like the car being nicked and used in a crime then dumped etc. where you wouldn't want to inform anyone. Still it's a big pain. I'm amazed if it was causing a traffic obstruction that it hadn't been moved. I can guarantee, if I parked in a bus lane, my car would be towed by the end of the day!

RTKangaMummy · 23/07/2005 22:18

Yes I know that was another thought I had

The traffic warden was walking up and down and when we stopped so DS and I could get out and DH go and park the car thought if we are not quick he will come and nick us

Yes bet if we had parked on Double yellow and gone off shopping we would come back to no car

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