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suspected bomber shot...

16 replies

sansouci · 22/07/2005 22:19

new thread. Give us the details in brief, someone please?

OP posts:
kid · 22/07/2005 22:22

On the news just now, they have said the body of the shot suspect has been removed. He has not been formally identified and it is not sure if he is one of the men shown on the CCTV images.

Blu · 22/07/2005 22:26

Could be quite hard to tell, if he's been shot 5 times in the head. can't make identification easy.

But it seems the police probably knew who he was before they started following him, they thought he would lead them to the bombers.

FWIW I have no problem with a shoot to kill policy for anyone very seriously believed to be an immedaite terrorist danger, if they have been formerly warned to stop.

sansouci · 22/07/2005 22:26

i did try to create a new thread...

OP posts:
Blu · 22/07/2005 22:28

Sansouci - police won't say atm whether they think he was the oval bomber, but did say they were following him in connection with oval bomb.
The top worn by the oval bomber was found in Brixton, last night, (Brixton and Stockwell merge into each other, with oval as another side to the triangle)

Blu · 22/07/2005 22:29

Oh sorry, were you trying to get away from 'shoot to kill' discussion? I haven't been involved in that aspect on any other thread...

Flossam · 22/07/2005 22:30

Do you want the last thread covered or the details of the shooting?

sansouci · 22/07/2005 22:35

Can't possibly read thru 720 posts! Babies home all day today, TV off. No papers, nothing. Dh told me about it when he came home from work. so i would appreciate having a briefing...

OP posts:
sansouci · 22/07/2005 22:36

overheard something about a man wearing a t-shirt with New York on it picked up on CCTV & later t-shirt was found in bin...

OP posts:
Flossam · 22/07/2005 22:38

I can't remembed it all. Generally the gist

Are people racist for avoiding people of asian desent on tubes buses, even if they fit the profile of being young, with rucksacks or big coats.

Is getting off the bus/tube when such a person is aboard letting the terrorists win?

Should the police shoot to kill and was it really necessary to shoot him 5 times

Umm, there was more I'm sure...

sansouci · 22/07/2005 22:39

Interesting... will get paper tomorrow. Never give in to terrorism, btw. Stay on those buses, everyone!

OP posts:
kid · 22/07/2005 22:40

The jumper / jacket with NewYork printed on it was found in Brixton.

hunkermunker · 22/07/2005 22:44

I came home on the Tube a couple of hours after the bombs yesterday (from White City, so just down the road from Shepherd's Bush).

Tube was quieter than usual, which I think is probably a sign people were either staying put in town or finding alternate methods of transport.

My journey also means I take a bus on the way home too - that was busier.

If the police had chased somebody onto the tube I was on, then asked him some probing questions before he detonated a bomb... Er, no thanks. Shoot to kill, shoot them in the head and use forensics to find things out afterwards.

bossykate · 22/07/2005 22:46

oh crikey, whereabouts in brixton?

sansouci · 22/07/2005 22:54

South London, near Stockwell. Victoria line, I think.

OP posts:
kid · 22/07/2005 23:04

The first image showed a man in a black sweater running away from Oval station's Northern Line at 1234 BST on Thursday. Police believe he had travelled north from Stockwell. His top was later found in nearby Brixton

(from bbc website)
I'm sure I read where the top was found, I'll have another look.

kid · 22/07/2005 23:11

the top was found in Cowley Road, brixton.


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