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David Blaine is to be a witness in MJs trial

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DillyDally · 15/02/2005 14:18

But for the not convinced this will help ole Mickey to be honest
Will he come in a perspex box? Will he have the evil eye hand tattoo again?

This is pure pantomime.

OP posts:
marj · 15/02/2005 15:07

I agree. MJ's life has always been a pantomime! God help him if he has the likes of David Blaine on his side. Then again they are both mad!

HunkerMunker · 15/02/2005 15:07

Will he say anything at all?! Hope Eammon Holmes isn't the judge

nailpolish · 15/02/2005 15:08

thatll be judge judy

i think they should get Trisha - she could wheel out her lie detector test

DillyDally · 15/02/2005 15:32

I hear uri geller is a bit narked to not be called as a witness - he was preparing a special spoon bending ceremony
Bubbles the chimp also peeved

On a serious note, will Debbie get the kids if he gets sent down?

OP posts:
FineFigureFio · 15/02/2005 15:34

Corey Fieldman is a prosecution witness

Kelly1978 · 15/02/2005 15:40

I heard uri geller is to be a witness, along with loads of others like liz tyler, and even his kids. def sounds like a pantomine.

Kelly1978 · 15/02/2005 15:40

Oh and didn't his parents say they would be there for the kids?

nailpolish · 15/02/2005 15:42

surely they should live with their mother, if he goes down. although shes probably signed something wierd. does she get to see them regularly?

FineFigureFio · 15/02/2005 15:45

yes his parents have said they are having the kids
which is just totally weird
the mum i have no idea about but it doesnt seem she see's them, but then again i dont really know

nailpolish · 15/02/2005 15:46

anything goes with that lot nothing will surprise me.

just reminds me of that film, where the jury were all paid off

Kelly1978 · 15/02/2005 15:47

The mum was paid a lot of money in the beginning to keep well out. He did stop paying her though, and rumour has it she's becoming more vocal now.

DillyDally · 15/02/2005 15:49

how does his parents get the kids when jacko has been complaining of beatings from his dad for years?

OP posts:
Kelly1978 · 15/02/2005 15:50

Oh but it all happy families now MJ is in trouble. [need sarcastic smiley!]

CazTurner · 16/02/2005 05:57

Hi Kelly1978

I tried to CAT you but it tells me I can't, I've been trying to contact you about the DD100 and A103 thing! Let me know if you still want to do it! My email is [email protected], I'm pretty sure there aren't any axe-murderers on here, if there are ... well ... good luck! Take care ... CAZ

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