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"I was claiming child tax credit for my son and just added another name by chance"

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WendyWeber · 15/05/2008 14:44

How do you add another name by chance???

And then another 34 of them, also by chance presumably

(fraudulent child tax credit case)

OP posts:
TotalChaos · 15/05/2008 14:46

Yeah can see how any of us on here could have made that teeny mistake . Imagine being his lawyer and trying maintain that line of argument with a straight face.

misdee · 15/05/2008 14:47

they have closed that lopphole now though. when i had dd3 i phoned up to add her on, they said 'yes thats all done mrs w.' i said
'do i need to send you any proof like a birth certificate or anything'
'no no thats all done'
'well hold on then i think i just had three more' i aid in disbelief. i didnt really obviously, i was shocked at how easy it was to add children onto a claim.

i think you now have to send in proof etc.

PeachyHas4BoysAndLovesIt · 15/05/2008 14:49

Misdee they can't have changed it that recently, added ds4 a few weeks abck with no proof or anything required.

misdee · 15/05/2008 14:50

really they havent, sh*t i heard they had!


LittleBella · 15/05/2008 14:53

Good lord. They still haven't sorted the tax credit system out, have they?

I recently got told that they'd overpaid me (to the tune of over £2000) last year, even though every single time my circumstances changed, I told them, so they should have logged it and changed the payments accordingly. (and as far as I know they did - they sent me a new notice of payments every time. So how can they have overpaid me so much money?)

And there's this bloke claiming nearly 80 grand. They really haven't got a handle on the system at all, by the sounds of it.

tazmosis · 15/05/2008 21:55

Seeing as they also administer Child Benefit - where you have to send in a birth certificate before they award you - I am quite sure they check that system to compare the childs name, date of birth and mother/father.

But don't let that stop you knocking civil servants...

edam · 15/05/2008 21:59

So how come this guy got away with it for so long, then, tazmosis?

No-one has had a go at civil servants, they have criticised the system. Which is crap on many, many levels.

beaniesteve · 15/05/2008 22:03

It's not the one offs who are claiming for 36 children they need to worry about, it's the ones claiming 2 or 3 at reasonable intervals.

PeachyHas4BoysAndLovesIt · 16/05/2008 10:25

LOL at knocking civil servants!

A0 I was one for a while- in the vAT office of all places!


B) From that I know that some are great, some are gadawful and most just mddle along- like anywhere else

whatsoccurring · 16/05/2008 10:28

I had to send in a birth cert when I added DS a couple of months back

cheesesarnie · 16/05/2008 10:29

how comes some idiot like that can do that but for those of us who claim it properly and legally we get pissed around by them!!!

davidtennantsmistress · 16/05/2008 10:32

what happened to having to send in your CB number? I did for DS. and his birth cert. that was 2 years ago.

FioFio · 16/05/2008 10:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

PeachyHas4BoysAndLovesIt · 16/05/2008 10:34

maybe it depends on who you speak to? becayuse its only 3 weeks since I added ds4!

Saggarmakersbottomknocker · 16/05/2008 10:36

Do they actually deal with Child Benefit though tazmosis?

I thought that was Benefits (DWP) and Child Tax Credit is Inland Revenue isn't it?

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain · 16/05/2008 10:36

He stole nearly £80,000 of tax payers money, and now we will spend more keeping him in prison.

Miggsie · 16/05/2008 10:36

Civil service is completely process orientated. If the process is shite, so is the service.
Staff are not trained to think, and the CB records are not on the same system as the child tax benefits so they can't cross check easily.

davidtennantsmistress · 16/05/2008 10:37

mig when I filled out the form for TC's I had to write my CB number down on it.

PeachyHas4BoysAndLovesIt · 16/05/2008 10:55

they didnt ask me that over the phone either

just name, dob

i thought they cold cross check now, though?

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