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Roma bride age 13.

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Veraduckworthshandbag · 12/05/2008 20:59

I don't know if there is already a discussion on this, so sorry if repeating things already being discussed but.....

WTF a 13 year old girl and a 14 year old boy married!!!!
And the mother (use word losely)of the girl says she don't care what the British people say this is her way of life and she will do as she pleases.

Ok flame me I don't care but... if she wants to live here she has to abide by the same rules as everyone else and as she has so much distain for this ccountry she can always stop living off of the Great British tax payer (whole lot of them on benefits) and fuck off home.

OP posts:
Bablefish · 13/05/2008 07:13
beaniesteve · 13/05/2008 07:16

she also said they have not slept with eachother and they won't until she (the daughter) is 18.

Veraduckworthshandbag · 13/05/2008 15:17

Oh well as long as they are not having sex thats ok then

OP posts:
Blu · 13/05/2008 15:36

Well, it isn't a legal marriage - there is no such thing in this country.

And the mother was adamant about her dd not being allowed to have sex until she was 18.

And they are not living together, they are each with their families - as I understood it.

So they have had a cultural ceremony which 'betrothes' them...but in UK law if she changes her mind the law will support her. what?

Lulumama · 13/05/2008 16:43

agree with blu.. it is a betrothal....

plenty of young teens born here and on benefits do all sorts of unsuitable things, and have sex at an early age.. blah balh balh

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