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You know that builder who knocked down the porch and conservatory he built because the customer didn't pay him?

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LittleBella · 23/04/2008 21:21

this one here

Well one thing I've puzzled over today and haven't heard addressed, is why didn't he just take her to court? Is it because he didn't want to spend any more money on trying to get money out of someone who obviously wasn't going to pay up? Is there any real legal redress against someone who won't pay?

I do remember years ago taking a dodgy builder to court, winning and then never hearing anything again. So it was a complete waste of time. Is this still how it works?

OP posts:
NappiesGalore · 23/04/2008 21:23

maybe he took her to small claims and never got anywhere (like you)? does it say he didnt?

LittleBella · 23/04/2008 21:25

No it's not mentioned anywhere. He was on Jeremy Vine today and Vine didn't ask him the most obvious question, at least up to the bit I listened to (had to get out of the car just after he told the story.)

OP posts:
hecate · 23/04/2008 21:30

there's wont pay and there's can't pay. You can get bailiffs, you can have them declared bankrupt, you can do all manner of things, but sometimes, yes, you just can't get the money. Perhaps he didn't want to go and get a judgement that they have to pay him a pound a month? It probably cost him less to remove it than it would have to go to court.

I saw him on GMTV, he was very angry. I think he acted out of anger, because he really felt they'd taken the piss. He did it legally, got permission from the council. I think he felt why should they sit there with the porch and conservatory? He wanted to pass a message, take a stand.

Can you imagine being these people though? Obv all the neighbours know. How embarrassing. Esp if it's genuine hardship, rather than a scam.

cat64 · 23/04/2008 21:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

orangina · 23/04/2008 21:35

Surely if it was genuine hardship she shouldn't have asked him to do the work?

orangina · 23/04/2008 21:35

(cat64, you beat me to it!)

NappiesGalore · 23/04/2008 21:36

what, sudden unexpected hardship which struck just as the last bricks were laid? could happen i suppose...

hecate · 23/04/2008 21:37

Well, I know. I was just trying to be generous

I'm sure they NEVER expected him to do that!

NappiesGalore · 23/04/2008 21:39

well quite.
thoguht theyd take him for a ride maybe.
you live and learn, eh?

newgirl · 23/04/2008 21:41

how mad - surely he was getting staged payments? was he not paid a penny? why did he do so much work without any payment at all? sounds suspect to me

NappiesGalore · 23/04/2008 21:41

[i admire your generosity tho. i always do that, present other peoples behaviours in best possible light, just to put forward possibilities. think it really annoys people )

NappiesGalore · 23/04/2008 21:42

thats a good point newgirl. doing it all with no money at all is odd.
and knocking it down if youve had some of it wrong imo.

hecate · 23/04/2008 21:42

It does.

Psychomum5 · 23/04/2008 21:43

I am still shocked tho that he charged her that much....i mean.....22k for a consvertory and porch is a bit steep IMHO.

DH is a bricklayer/builder....he has never charged that much for that small a job!!!

Psychomum5 · 23/04/2008 21:44

not that he is wrong to take the action he did do tho....I would if DH built somehting and no-one paid him

expatinscotland · 23/04/2008 21:45

i'm inclined to believe they were trying to scam him.

newgirl · 23/04/2008 21:45

i thought it sounded a lot of money - there is more to this than it looks - i wonder if he was over charging and she didnt want to pay that much

what a nightmare

zippitippitoes · 23/04/2008 21:46

so a council tenant builds 22k worth of extension on a council, house

would ring alarm bells to me

Freckle · 23/04/2008 21:46

I think the job originally cost £15,000, but the whole episode (knocking it down again, etc., plus presumably some costs involved in trying to get the money and time lost) has cost his business £22,000.

NappiesGalore · 23/04/2008 21:46

really psycho? dunno... head is too flaky to retain figures so dunno whats 'normal' to pay for anything much really.

and hecate

zippitippitoes · 23/04/2008 21:46

and he has been in business for 22 years does he not ask for stage payments

hecate · 23/04/2008 21:47

It could also be that they stopped the cheque or withheld payment because he did a shoddy job? Or something? But then I think that they were given the opportunity to comment by GMTV and they refused - surely you'd take the chance to put your side if it had been a dispute, rather than non-payment?


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NappiesGalore · 23/04/2008 21:47

ahhhh freckle, that makes sense.
[distant memories of runaway cc debts in youth]

Psychomum5 · 23/04/2008 21:49

well DH is currently building an extension for a friend, and altho he is doing it as favour (said friend will be returning the favour for us hopefull very soon), this extension is single storey, full length of house, making two new rooms, and would cost no more than 20k.

sooooo....conservatory and porch = 22k.....nah sorry.

altho I do appreciate that in may have cost 22k including costs of getting the council onside etc!

zippitippitoes · 23/04/2008 21:49

it is a nightmare if you dont get paid i have been there but got mine from small claims

i am actually going to small claims with a builder at the moment for 1500 quid as he has reneged on a party wall agreement

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