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Naomi Campbell: I'm a martyr fighting for rights of T5 passengers - WTF?

26 replies

crackinggoodegg · 16/04/2008 16:37

Has she totally lost touch with reality or has she got some sort of PR trying to spin her arrest story? She's nuts. +of+T5+passengers/

OP posts:
MrsMattie · 16/04/2008 16:37

Oh she's an absolute loon

lulumama · 16/04/2008 16:40

"Campbell, a regular visitor to Rio, is there to help fight an epidemic of dengue fever"

this is pure (and unbelievable) spin, IMO

CatIsSleepy · 16/04/2008 16:44

LOLOLOL at her being a T5 martyr
bless 'er
isn't there more to being a martyr than just having a hissy fit or 2 (add zeroes as appropriate)?

UnquietDad · 16/04/2008 16:44

What do you call a bird with long legs that can't fly?

lulumama · 16/04/2008 16:50

@ UD

2shoes · 16/04/2008 17:05

omg she is dollally

Kimi · 16/04/2008 17:18

So she is mad as well as ugly and vile then

I shall look forward to seeing her staging a one woman picket outside as I drive past.

SueBaroo · 16/04/2008 17:39

How is she going to fight an epidemic of Dengue Fever? Shout it out of them?

Kevlarhead · 16/04/2008 19:18

She's going to go around killing mosquitos with a gold plated Gucci fly swatter.

Later, she'll be shrunk down to microscopic size, injected into a sick child, and will batter the living feck out of the viruses in the poor kids bloodstream with a teeny tiny phone.

WinkyWinkola · 16/04/2008 19:27

She's a violent and abusive person. I can't imagine her ever wanting to champion anything other than herself.

waffletrees · 16/04/2008 23:14

I wouldn't have described her as ugly but she really is a twunt.

hippipotami · 16/04/2008 23:16

She has completely and utterly lost the plot. But to be honest she did not have much plot to lose in the first place!

ninedragons · 17/04/2008 09:25

The first comment is creepy. Naomi did what most people would have done? Yep, every little frustration in life prompts me to phlob on someone.

LittleBella · 17/04/2008 21:46

ROFL at her self-importance and lack of irony. Now let me think, martyrs:

Thomas More
St Peter
St Sebastien
Patrick Pearse
The English Martyrs
John Fisher
Archbishop Cranmer
Naomi Campbell

dizzydixies · 17/04/2008 21:48

do you think they'll consider 'saint' naomi?

stupid miserable cow, she needs to get over herself

fishie · 17/04/2008 21:49

she is my new favourite person. all good intention and bad temper.

tissy · 17/04/2008 21:50

since when has "to disrespect" been a verb?

VeniVidiVickiQV · 17/04/2008 21:55

Joan of Arc vs Naomi of Streatham.


harpomarx · 17/04/2008 21:56

errm, tissy, for quite a long time I think.

it is a street term, your honour.

tissy · 17/04/2008 21:58

Street term? Sloppy, that's what it is!

harpomarx · 17/04/2008 22:01

btw tissy, wasn't dissing you then.

tissy · 17/04/2008 22:02

"to diss" is even worse!


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LittleBella · 17/04/2008 22:08

But Joan of Arc was well known for spitting at the Dauphin every time her armour got lost. Is it just me who remembers that marvellous scene where Ingrid Bergman so gracefully managed to arc a blob of phlegm through the air so that it landed on the faggots and put the flames out?

Ah I see Naomi is the only other person in the world who remembers that one...

VeniVidiVickiQV · 17/04/2008 22:10

I was thinking it was rather more about the cause, rather than the actions....

BouncingTurtle · 18/04/2008 08:57

I've just pmsl at kevlar's post.

NC is a total nutjob. Someone get the woman a straight jacket... JPGaultier one, obviously.

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