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tidal wave in s asia-collection point for items in luton beds.

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karenanne · 31/12/2004 16:29

after seeing the tragic plight over the last few days ,ive felt compelled to help.sadly i cannot afford to send money but have had a huge clearout of all unwanted or unused items in my home .the problem then was where to send them.
there is a company in luton called travelextra in cresent rd luton who are collecting items to send to those many thousands that need it.they need clothes especially baby and kids clothes,bedding ,dry foods ,small toys and baby items,bottles etc .
they are not open now till tuesday of next week (4th) but desperatley need items to send .theyre open from 8am till 6pm after 6pm there is a buzzer to press and someone should still be there to take in any donations.

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happymerryberries · 31/12/2004 16:33

Sorry to put a downer on this but all of major charities have said they need to money as it will cost more to ship the stuff out than to source it in the region. I have never heared of this charity, is it legit? Sorry to seem cynical.

It would always be a good idea to donate things to Oxfam etc who can then sell them to raise the cash that they need. It might be better to do it that way.

karenanne · 31/12/2004 16:51

hi happyberries
this company is legit they are to do with the travel industry and are sending all the donations on chartered flights out to the areas hit.the flights going out are all empty except for cabin crew and are bringing back the britsh people coming dad works for the airline doing this and brothers friends girlfriend works for company taking in donations.
as i say sadly i cannot afford to donate money believe me if i could i would but things are too tight for me andmine as it is.this way i can help those people who need these items more than me.i know theyre going to need money for along time to come but i felt by donating my items this way was quicker than giving them to oxfam,also most of what im donating is baby and childrens items which is what they need most.
this company is not a charity but doing what they can to help in a way that they can.apparently theyre small office in luton airport is already inundated with donations people have sent.

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lockets · 31/12/2004 16:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

NameChangingMancMidlander · 31/12/2004 16:55

Me too, I've just had a big clear out of the DS's wardrobes.

karenanne · 31/12/2004 17:15

my advice is if you live near an airport ring them especially big dad said that any airlines that go to them areas of the world are going out empty to collect our tourists so many will gladly take donations out.if not hang fire im sure many towns and cities will start their own collections of items to send or if not as happy said oxfams will gladly take in donations and pass the money on .

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helenmc · 31/12/2004 21:41

th rotary club do an AQUABOX SCHEME?
The most urgent single problem facing the relief agencies is the provision of safe drinking water.

The aquabox scheme is an official project of Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland. All boxes dispatched overseas are monitored by aid agencies. (Registered charity no. 1015854).

. It is filled with a selection of warm clothing and useful hardware items

. It also contains a filter cartridge and a matching supply of water-treatment tablets. Once the welfare items have been removed, each aquabox contains tablets that can be used to purify up to 1000 litres of polluted water, making it safe and pleasant to drink. As an example, 1000 litres is 5000 cups ? enough, say, for a group of four people drinking 10 cups per day for about four months.

. The boxes also have a serial number that can tracked by the agencies as to the whereabouts of the box.
It costs £45 to send,

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