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Justine's article about Mothers' Day in the Saturday Telegraph

34 replies

marina · 01/03/2008 20:47

nice pic of the tribe and a good read , especially that sobering quote

OP posts:
ViolentFemme · 01/03/2008 20:53

What a lovely article, and a fab idea the Mothers' Book

AitchTwoOh · 01/03/2008 20:55

sounds like a nice book, doesn't it?

fryalot · 01/03/2008 20:57

lovely article

I bought The Mothers Book for my mum - gave it to her for her birthday, so she's alread got it.

She said: "I'm not telling you all this stuff! I shall hide it till I'm dead then you can read it"

sounds like it's going to be a juicy one

littlelapin · 01/03/2008 20:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Psychomum5 · 01/03/2008 20:58

fab article, fab idea for book, but it makes me sad that my mum would not be able to fill it coherently(sp?).

makes me certain tho to want 5 for mine, s as to ensure they know me in any and all ways possible!!!

(altho, I am going to ensure they no NOTHING about my teens until WELL past!!!!)

marina · 01/03/2008 21:00

I just loved the idea of the Poezie book for school leavers in the Netherlands, to be added to all your life and then passed on to the next generation
I got my mum and dad something similar to the Mothers' Book a couple of years ago, in the hope of getting them to write up some of the anecdotes of long and eventful lives, but my mother took offence at the fact that it would show that my dad had a happy childhood and she didn't (true, but ) and has boycotted it.
The Mothers' Book sounds so much nicer, I'll give it one last try. My mum was working at the Royal Court in '56, my dad was at D-Day - there is lots to tell.

OP posts:
VeniVidiVickiQV · 01/03/2008 21:11

What a wonderful idea.

ViolentFemme · 01/03/2008 21:22

It'll definitely be a purchase for my mum and MIL for before we depart for Oz. I know they both have lots of stories lurking in their past that they don't speak of (until they've had a few gins, but then I'll have had a few gins too so don't quite remember everything ).

It's not the way of their generation to talk of some things. I hope this book will speak for them.

Thanks mumsnet for finding this.

Psychomum5 · 01/03/2008 21:23

am also thinking of getting one for DH's grandmother (she is 96).

the stories she told recently of dancing on the table during the blitz.....

would LOVE more

mehdismummy · 01/03/2008 21:31

where can i get one?

morningpaper · 01/03/2008 21:33

BIMEY Justine's all BLONDE

mehdismummy · 01/03/2008 21:37

do you write it in? Or just to read?

mehdismummy · 01/03/2008 21:39


morningpaper · 01/03/2008 21:40


mehdismummy · 01/03/2008 21:54

ta! Thought it was like a journal. Have you read it morning. Can you explain it a little bit to me

hertsnessex · 01/03/2008 21:58

they have them on amazon!

lilibet · 01/03/2008 22:07

What a really good idea, mum is 81 soon,I think I will get her one for her birthday.

Some questions are so hard to ask

mehdismummy · 01/03/2008 22:11

still baffled. Does it ask questions?

lilibet · 01/03/2008 22:11

nice hair Justine!!

VeniVidiVickiQV · 01/03/2008 22:40

She looks a bit like that lady in Dragon's Den

mehdismummy · 01/03/2008 22:47

harsh ven! Very harsh

saggers · 01/03/2008 22:54

this one is similar


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mehdismummy · 01/03/2008 22:59

oh i like that. Is the other one similar to that. You know you can write in it etc?

hatwoman · 01/03/2008 23:02

I picked one of these up just the other day in Exmouth Market. I immediately thought how I'd love to know the answers to the questions, but I didn;t buy one as I reckon my mum would feel uncomfortable writing it down. shame.

mehdismummy - it's a nice hard-back book. at the top of each page there's a question. eg "describe the first time you met my father's parents" "what's your favourite animal?" "what's the best holiday you've ever been on?". and at the beginning there's a note asking the recipient (your mum) to feel it in.

hatwoman · 01/03/2008 23:04

it was the Dear Mum one that saggars linked to that I saw.

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