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roll on 27th October...

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bundle · 12/02/2008 13:04

...ken strikes again

OP posts:
Coolmama · 12/02/2008 14:16

Can't believe he is going to do this - it makes no sense on so many levels.....

Spockster · 12/02/2008 14:52

...and loads of sense on so many more levels....

bundle · 12/02/2008 15:15

plenty of sense from here...

OP posts:
idlingabout · 12/02/2008 15:30

About time too - although I say this as someone who doesn't live in London.It should be extended throughout the country - I'm sure they could work out exemptions for people who genuinely need them in rural areas.

ChirpyGirl · 12/02/2008 15:31

I love this bit
'And the National Alliance Against Tolls said: "This move is not based on logic but on the whipping up of prejudices against those who use these particular vehicles."'

I am quite happy to be prejudiced against people who drive particular vehicles when they live in a big city, and if they can afford a huge gas guzzler they could have bought a more sensible car in the first place.

ChirpyGirl · 12/02/2008 15:31

Sorry, shoudl have been 'drive particular vehicles unnecessarily'

Coolmama · 14/02/2008 16:55

but what about cars like the Zafira that will also fall into the £25.00 category? It's all good and well to tax the "chelsea tractors" but the larger people carriers will also get nailed and no exemptions will apply, I'm sure.

StarlightMcKenzie · 14/02/2008 17:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Coolmama · 14/02/2008 17:20

By exemptions I meant, for eg. that, at the moment, on the NHS you can get the congestion charge of £8 refunded for coming into central london. Once the charge goes up to £25, you would be obliged to pay the full amount and yet still only get £8 refunded.
Plus, the people who drive the "chelsea tractors" will just buy another car and use that - not exactly condusive to controlling congestion in that case.
So what exactly does Ken want to do - charge for congestion or emissions or just tax people more?
I live in the extended congestion zone and it has made no difference to the traffic at all

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