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Toddler banned from nursery for biting?

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jane313 · 03/12/2004 20:09

I read this story in the Mail I think (I didn't buy it honest; it was in a cafe). I don't know if it was a ridiculous one sided thing beacuse the nursery didn't comment. Did anyone else see it?

OP posts:
SenoraPostrophe · 03/12/2004 20:29

That's bloody ridiculous (much as I hate to agree with the DM)

ds and dd have come home with bite marks on their faces on more than one occasion. The women at nursery always say it was an "amiguito" (little friend).

Much as I don't think it is the nursery's responsibility to be fully responsible for discipline etc, I think excluding the boy is a bit harsh.

jane313 · 03/12/2004 20:33

It was so odd especially as her child had been bitten too. She didn't help though by saying that he could only have bitten because he learned it from the other children. My son managed it all on his own! My brother was excluded from his playgroup in the sixties for bad behaviour not violence, really he was just being a three year old I think.

OP posts:
ocean · 06/12/2004 15:18

Maybe if she had stopped sending him there when he was coming home bitten it might not have gotten so far as for him to be copying the behaviour?

If my child was being marked like that there is no way I'd send him/her back.

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