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Hidden castle built on farm

25 replies

GreatGooglyMoogly · 25/01/2008 15:32

Apologies if this has been done:

Story here.

OP posts:
FAQ · 25/01/2008 15:36

Now I do think he should have done things properly - but on the other hand I hope it's allowed to stay

NatalieJane · 25/01/2008 15:41

Can't blame them for trying - it does look quite incredible TBH!

I'd have thought the neighbours would prefer looking at a 'castle' then a big blue pile of straw, no?

Still, he tried it on, doesn't look like it is going to work, it would serves him right if he has to tear it down - it'd be a shame though.

Blu · 25/01/2008 15:58

Personally I think it is hideous.

And he has flouted his neighbours democratic right to respond to a notice of planning application.

It would be a terrible precedent to set to allow him to get away with this.

I think he should be given a chance to apply for reptrospective permission, though. Which may then be tuned down, or granted.

And there ought to be a penalty for having deliberately flouted the law and for having failed to aply for retrospective permission.

edam · 25/01/2008 17:49

He's a norty, norty man. And has the intellectual ability of a toddler. 'Ooh, if I hide it for four years I'll be OK.' No you won't, dummy! Bet the planners rule four years only applies if people have the chance to object. And if they don't, bet the planning inspector does. Otherwise it would set a bizarre precedent.

LIZS · 25/01/2008 17:52

It's not far from us . Hope they get make him demolish - stupid , arrogant idiot. And I wonder who went ot the media

hifi · 25/01/2008 17:55

i think its a lovely building, he should have done it the proper way though, i think they will make an example of him.

Bellie · 25/01/2008 17:58

Not too far from us either!!

He is also in dispute with the council over a number of issues too - for example a go-kart in his garden!
He really sounds like an arrogant man who is trying to get his own way by bullying his way through the rules and regulations.

LIZS · 25/01/2008 18:00

Exactly Bellie - this is the tip of the iceberg I suspect !

FAQ · 25/01/2008 18:11

in dispute with the council over having a go-kart in his garden Confused

ArmadilloDaMan · 25/01/2008 18:12

What's the betting he approached council for advice on whether or not would be granted planning permission, was told it was unlikely, so thought 'hey, I'll build it anyway'

Tough shite if he's complaining now. SHould be pulled down as an example imo. He KNEW he should have got permission, but thought the rules shouldn't apply to him.

And now he's playing the bleeding heart card - what a fricking surprise

I have no sympathy for him.

ArmadilloDaMan · 25/01/2008 18:13

not making him demolish it, I suspect, would lead to more people doing same thing.

Bellie · 25/01/2008 18:13

Oops - sorry should say having a go-Kart track in his garden.

FAQ · 25/01/2008 18:14

aha - makes more sense now - was trying to work out what the issue was over having a go-kart in your garden

Babyramone · 26/01/2008 09:03

Think his name is great

Hecate · 26/01/2008 09:09

I hope they make him tear it down.

He sounds like one of these who thinks the law doesn't apply to him and that he deserves special treatment.

And I bet if one of his neighbours had done this, he'd have hit the roof and begun a campaign to get it torn down, saying it was his right to a view etc etc.

Some people are just so arrogant. He needs taking down several hundred pegs or so!

mustrunmore · 26/01/2008 09:10

Actually, I quite like the building, apart from that bit on the right hand side. But TBH I'm amazed that anyone would take such an expensive gamble with planning. Now, I know someone wh olived in a static home without plannnig, but that was a grand tops, plus whatever the fine would've been, and it all turned out k in the end anyway. But to spend £50k building soething you might have to knock down, knowing that was the situation???

Hecate · 26/01/2008 09:26

But that's where his arrogance comes into play...

They won't knock MY house down. I am sooooo important and I am soooo clever that I have a foolproof way of beating them. Everyone will bow down before me and be so impressed. The officials will be helpless before me. I will win. they won't dare oppose me

mrsruffallo · 26/01/2008 09:40

Hecate-totally understandable. Makes me cross too..arrogant fidler

whomovedmychocolate · 26/01/2008 09:42

This story makes me flipping annoyed. I live in the countryside, a countryside where I have a listed building in a conservation area. It took me three months permission to alter a door to install a catflap. It also cost around £300 to sensitively do so.

Farmers on the other hand are allowed to chuck up huge industrial metal sheds which are shiny and nasty with no planning permission....and then some twonk decides he can get away with building a farking CASTLE

Not only do I hope he has to knock it down, I hope he's prosecuted for attempted to evade the law and council tax fraud (not registering a property for council tax.)

LIZS · 26/01/2008 09:44

That's how I feel Hecate. There are all sorts of contraversial development plans proposed around the area and I bet he has opposed them , but done others out of their right to do the same to his. Presumably he feels media involvement will lend support and sympathy to his argument

whomovedmychocolate · 26/01/2008 09:51

We're having to watch out for two stage development at the minute - people are converting gardens into tennis courts. Fair enough you might think, but once it's a tennis court it's 'developed land' and easier to get permission to convert to a new house. I actually applaud responsible development in the countryside, if we had another 40 houses we could start a campaign to get better utilities - connection to mainline gas etc. but people are just getting dishonest about things.

Freckle · 26/01/2008 10:01

I think he should have to knock it down and be fined into the bargain. He clearly knew what he was doing was wrong, thought he was being very clever circumventing planning laws and it would seem avoided paying council tax. Makes you wonder what he did for power. Presumably the utility companies knew the building was there and the amount of electricity and/or gas consumed should have flagged up that this wasn't a barn.

An example should be made of this. So many law-abiding people have to jump through hoops to get planning permission for fairly minor alterations, so it would be grossly unfair if he could build such a huge building and legally avoid the planning laws.

I agree with the view that the four year rule doesn't apply as no one knew the building was there and thus were not able to object.


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Oblomov · 26/01/2008 10:05

This is close to us too. Makes me mad. I bet you nothing will happen to him. I bet you he will get away with this.

tissy · 26/01/2008 10:16

It's hideous, especially that bit chucked onto the right hand side.

We've just built an extension with full planning consent, approved by building inspectors, etc. Our work cost inexcess of £70, 000 for 4 not very big rooms.

I would be VERY suspicious of a building that size that cost only 50K, I bet the work was substandard.

Should be knocked down, definitely.

TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 26/01/2008 10:23

I think it has to come down otherwise it will set a precedent. Something similar happened in Lower Kingswood about 15 years ago. Terrible waste of their money and no doubt, council resources.

(Sister in Outwood, mother in Kingswood, hence local knowledge)

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