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another teenager stabbed to death : - (

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meandboys · 21/01/2008 18:54

Just heard this on my news, cant find a thread for it yet though!

He was 19 years old and was stabbed to death, and it happened in Edmonton! Another boy is in hospital!

They really need to do something as i will not let my boys out when they become teenagers and why should they suffer because of these stupid bloody gangs

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NAB3wishesfor2008 · 21/01/2008 18:56

This may be way off and I am not trying to be controversial, but I wonder what these kids upbringing has been like to think it is okay to do this sort of thing.

We all need to take repsonsibility. It is too heart breaking. Too many kids are dying.

JohnnyDeppsMrs · 21/01/2008 19:07

I agree NAB3.

There were some stats on the television at the weekend - you know the sort of thing - that statistically our streets are safer than they've ever been. I thought unless you're a teenage male. One of ds2's mates was the victim of a 'driveby assault' last week. Walking home - got jumped and beaten by two random youths in a car.

southeastastra · 21/01/2008 19:18

here's the link

third one of 2008. makes me despair, kids should be searched going into schools for starters. i have a 14 year old son out and about now so am really worried about it.

london seems to be turning into LA. such disregard for life.

meandboys · 21/01/2008 20:44

I get very worried because my nephew is 14 and travels to the other side of london on his own and he has been attacked twice since being aloud out by himself (luckily nothing too severe!)

I just dont know how this problem is going to be sorted!

They definately need to make the punishment a lot more punishing, (especially after the 13 year old girl being stabbed in school in south london last week)

OP posts:
VVVQV · 21/01/2008 22:29


Edmonton is just down the road from me. It just makes me even more keen to move away from London.

meandboys · 22/01/2008 11:26

Just seen an update.

3 boys being questioned.

other boy in in stable conditon in hospital!

They think it is related to the stabing at the beginning of the year which was just a few roads along

OP posts:
VVVQV · 22/01/2008 13:38

Oh fgs....

notjustmom · 22/01/2008 13:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

meandboys · 22/01/2008 13:46

just found the one about the 14 year old girl

OP posts:
Callisto · 22/01/2008 15:25

4 hours of surgery.

KrippledKerryMum · 22/01/2008 15:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bananaknickers · 22/01/2008 15:38

I think we should be more passionate about tackling this sort of thing , before worring about Jamie Olivers Conquests. This scares me to death.

Parenting classes and workshops with the children. Teaching assertiveness and how to talk to one another.

The little lad in Eastenders get stabbed this week too .

bananaknickers · 22/01/2008 15:39

Eastenders not real life I know, before anyone says. Just it's on T.V for lots of teenagers to see.

FioFio · 22/01/2008 15:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Kimi · 22/01/2008 16:13

3RD TEENAGER STABBED TO DEATH THIS YEAR and we are only 22 days in to it .

Until the law dishes out the sort of punishment that fits the crime it will keep on and on.

southeastastra · 23/01/2008 18:15

'I think we should be more passionate about tackling this sort of thing , before worring about Jamie Olivers Conquests'

YES YES YES bananaknickers

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