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Claire Verity

19 replies

sherby · 19/01/2008 08:29

tv bosses wash their hands of fake nanny

OP posts:
bossybritches · 19/01/2008 08:36

Hoo-bloody ray!!!

Well done all those who complained/posted/bitched about the woman.

Just hope those wee babes she got her hands on aren't scarred for life-to say nothing of the parents!!

Does raise the question though-why did the TV programme makers not check her out whilst still at the research stage??

cornsilk · 19/01/2008 08:37

Wasn't that Gillian McaKeith(sp?) a pretend doctor as well?

FatBellyJones · 19/01/2008 08:37

I wonder how the parents who used her method in Bringing up Baby are feeling about it :/

ZippiBabes · 19/01/2008 08:49


not that i watched sny programmes or closely followed the furore

but ibteresting anyway

spicemonster · 19/01/2008 08:51

Hopefully this will make parents think again about subjecting their children to this kind of abuse.

'TV companies are only interested in ratings, not the wellbeing of children' shocker. Whatever next?

WinkyWinkola · 19/01/2008 09:48

I'm very glad to see she's been discredited. Silly woman. She shouldn't be allowed near babies. She's dangerously misinformed and uneducated.

SoupDragon · 19/01/2008 10:14

Did she really look after the celebrity children she claims to have cared for?

lulumama · 19/01/2008 11:19

am delighted to see she has been publicly discredited, and more importantly that her methods have been discredited. I hope that she makes an apology for her deceit and her treatment of babies. How awful to realise that as a parent, you have paid someone who is childless, unqualified and possibly a liar. Does not inspire confidence. I hope that so called baby gurus are more soundly investigated and their qualifications confirmed before they are let loose on children and given their 15 minutes of infamy/fame.

spicemonster · 19/01/2008 11:59

I hope Ofcom comes down on Channel 4 AND Silver River like a ton of bricks for not verifying her qualifications.

Verity, my arse!

specialmagiclady · 19/01/2008 12:07

I am astounded that C4 let this on air in the current atmosphere in the telly industry.

3andnomore · 20/01/2008 13:15


moljam · 20/01/2008 13:17

i read that and laughed whole way through!silly woman!

edam · 20/01/2008 13:20

About time, too. What a stupid, stupid woman. To imagine you can go on prime-time TV with a bunch of fake qualifications and not risk being found out...

staryatmonitoreyes · 20/01/2008 13:38

I think that Channel 4 should take responsibility in what they air. They should have checked her qualifications due to the nature of the programme, not only for the poor babies taking part, but also the people who watched it who may think she knows what she is talking about.

biglips · 20/01/2008 13:41

blimey!!....i thought she was a horror!!

MrsFogi · 20/01/2008 13:41

Marvellous. I'm off to set myself up as a highly qualified maternity nurse - I'll be available for £1K a week to anyone who needs my services.

belgo · 20/01/2008 13:42

I wonder what the legel position of this is? Can Verity be sued, or Channel four?

EricL · 22/01/2008 12:53


Doesn't matter what her qualifications were anyway.

We don't need telly programs telling us how to be cruel to our kids.

It's the producers fault for allowing her a platform.

Very irresponsible of them to put ratings over common sense of parents.

MsHighwater · 24/01/2008 15:02

The words "stable door" and "horse" come to mind.

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