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Woman in George Michaels Floorboards

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DillyDally · 25/11/2004 11:17

For four days...
What a nutter. This reminds of the other thread about the copycat friend.
Is this a disturbing new trend?


OP posts:
DillyDally · 25/11/2004 11:18

BTW I am not laughing at mental illness I am just shocked at what people do. Perhaps nutter was an inappropriate phrase

OP posts:
Kayleigh · 25/11/2004 11:19

all i wanted to do was say hello

DillyDally · 25/11/2004 11:20

I hope you took a picnic and a mooncup in case of emergencies

OP posts:
Chandra · 25/11/2004 11:20

Oh dear, from the title I thought he had hid a corpse under his floorboardS!

Kayleigh · 25/11/2004 11:27

Just a tip if you're going to hide out under someones floorboards don't take chicken sandwhiches. After day 3 they smelt. Am sure that's how they found me.

Next time I will hide in his toilet cistern. Will wear a wetsuit and take rich tea biscuits. They don't smell or go off. Foolproof huh

DillyDally · 25/11/2004 11:30

Or perhaps sellotape yourself to his ceilings? with a flask of soup?

OP posts:
Chandra · 25/11/2004 11:32

Velcro is more effective

Kayleigh · 25/11/2004 11:37

what a good idea DillyDally, I will keep that as plan C. Would you like to join me? We would be good company for each other. It gets lonely at night. Might not be much room in the cistern for two, may have to alter the plan slightly and use the water tank instead.

I will need to know your exact weight and height to work out water displacement.

DillyDally · 25/11/2004 11:40

If George were to have dicky tummy / large bowel movement we could be rumbled when flushing was insufficient
is there room for my laptop so I could continue "working from home?"
They should try to persuade these women to join the SAS

OP posts:
Kayleigh · 25/11/2004 11:42

is your laptop waterproof ?

yeuck re bowel movemnet. Does George Michael really do that. He's very wealthy. I would have though he could afford to pay someone to poo for him.

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