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Water, water - should I stay or should I go now?

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nortynamechanger · 15/01/2008 18:48

Just had a message from Floodline saying I should take my children, pets and valuables and leave my house as in serious danger of flooding.

I really can't be arsed, DH in USA both children ill, have nowhere to go.

Are they scaremongering being overly cautions or should I take this more seriously?

OP posts:
FarcicalAlienQueen · 15/01/2008 18:50

where abouts in the country are you???

BrownSuga · 15/01/2008 18:50

you could check the environmental agency webpage for confirmation. tbh, i'd listen.

NAB3wishesfor2008 · 15/01/2008 18:51

Is there anywhere else you can go?

BrownSuga · 15/01/2008 18:51

ea page with flood warning areas

paulaplumpbottom · 15/01/2008 18:52

Evacuations use up valuable and expensive resources. They would not tell you to leave unless you really needed to. You should go.

LittleBella · 15/01/2008 19:01

I'd get the hell outta there tbh.

2 sick children will be even less fun if there's no drinking water.

nortynamechanger · 16/01/2008 08:56

Thanks for the link Suga it stated that we were only flood 'warning' not 'severe risk'.

PPB You are right evacuations use up loads of resources, but they weren't offering to evacuate us they were suggesting we did it ourselves.

Anyway I sat it out and was proved right for the moment. It has stopped raining, blue skies even and the streams, ditches and storm ponds are lowering - we don't have normal drains here out in the sticks.

Fingers crossed for less precipitation for the next few days/weeks.

OP posts:
notalone · 16/01/2008 13:08

If I were you I would still move valuables upstairs and pack a small bag for you and DC's so you can leave at very short notice if needs be. I would personally go but if you really can't at least be prepared - its better to go to all that effort for it to be wasted than for you to be caught unawares and end up regretting it.

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