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Apparently, Monday is D-Day ... the day when most people file for divorce

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Desiderata · 05/01/2008 18:52

Yes, the day that you finally realize your spouse is about as unappetizing as a turkey's arse and pick up the phone.

The Telegraph says this:-

'If you're thinking of calling your solicitor on Monday, say for some routine conveyancing work, forget it. The phone will be engaged. All day, probably. Why? Because Monday is officially known among lawyers as D-Day - divorce day.'

Hey ho ... I must admit, the old fella, lounging on the settee, farting, staring at the football, feigning a man cold that has left him immobile ... the same one I've had for three weeks but which has not rendered me immobile because I can't be ... well, yup

I feel a certain empathy ..

OP posts:
yetihed · 05/01/2008 19:33

I am with you Des- Sadly, I'm not married so I can't join the divorce party. LOL!

nodder · 06/01/2008 13:26

I never realised that. Strange thing is I have been debating kicking the old man out, for months but especially this last week.

nametaken · 06/01/2008 13:36

yes, it is peak divorce time this time of year, it is well know. Having just spent 10 days with DH I can well understand.

The other busy time for our lovely divorce lawyers is September, right after the annual fortnights holiday.

Scramble · 06/01/2008 13:47

LOL I know it shouldn't be funny but it is so true it is.

kindersurprise · 06/01/2008 13:50

Feel better now that I have read this, spent the last few days wondering what is wrong with us. We are normally very happy but have just been at either throats these past weeks.

Hope it gets better when everything is back to normal.

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